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Fappening 3.0: Dakota Johnson And Nicole Scherzinger Photos Leaked !

Fappening 3.0: Dakota Johnson And Nicole Scherzinger Photos Leaked
Fappening 3.0: Dakota Johnson And Nicole Scherzinger Photos Leaked

In Latest Fappening 3.0, Fifty Shades of Grey Actress Dakota Johnson And Nicole Scherzinger(singer) private photos leaked online.

Earlier we posted about fappening 3.0 in which celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Lindsey Vonn & Tiger Woods Private Photos leaked online. Fappening is now rising day by day and more celebrities nude photos have been leaked on the internet. Now the latest movie Fifty Shades of gray main actress Dakota Johnson and Nicole Scherzinger(former Pussycat Dolls member) is targeted by hackers in fappening 3.0. An earlier I also said that Fappening is rising and it is not going to stop.

Dakota Johnson & Nicole Scherzinger Nude Photo Leak in Fappening 3.0:

Just a day ago too many celebrities targeted by hackers and leak their private picture online and most of the celeb like Kristen Stewart & tiger woods taking a legal action and filing a lawsuit on hackers and take down website who post their private images online.

Fappening 3.0: Dakota Johnson And Nicole Scherzinger Photos Leaked
Image Credits- www.independent.co.uk

According to Gossip Cop, In some of the pictures Dakota Johnson is nude and alone in the pictures and in the other case actress is sitting topless with their friends on poolside. There is one more photo of Dakota Johnson nude with Addison Timlin in the shower.

List of Celebrities Targeted in Fappening 3.0 Photo Leak Online

Hacker is continuously hacked celebrities account and leak their private pictures online. In this week there are several popular celebrities and actress become a target of fappening 3.0 including Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn, Katharine McPhee, pregnant Danielle Lloyd and Miley Cyrus. May be there are more celebrities going to be hacked in future. Stay tuned.

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Currently, It is not cleared that the image is hacked from Dakota Johnson or Addison Timlin phone. Dakota Johnson yet not come forward and public her decision that whats she is going to do. Is she file a legal action like other celebrities?.

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How Hackers Hack Their Account and Leak their Private Photos Online?

The basic concept of hackers is to trap popular celeb and hack into their iCloud account and get access to galleries and all photos so they get a massive collection of photos including their private photos. They use the old school hacking technique called phishing and trap celeb into a fake page login and get all login credentials and hack into their accounts.


In the previous post, I discuss that hackers are not going to stop hacking into celeb accounts and fapping is happening again & again so as you already seen there are many celebrities clouds & Gmail account getting hacked and become the target of latest fappening 3.0. According to some of the prediction, that fappening 3.0 & fappening 4.0 is in progress and it is happening again & again. Still, a hacker who leaked the private photos is not caught.