Far Cry 5: DLC – Hours of Darkness Explained

far cry 5 dlc review

far cry 5 dlc reviewMars is a place full of fun almost like Montana. It’s already known that Ubisoft was pretty a good hit with Crazy, DLC games. Similarly, it has been successful with Far Cry 3 and 4. Now, again there is an expansion of the Assassin’s Creed games – Far Cry 5’s second major expansion. While being ”Lost on Mars”, the experience with the Blood Dragon is great, but a bit shallow.

Characters in the game

There are four characters in the game.

  • Nick Rye
  • Hurk
  • Hurk as Brobot
  • Anne

Nick Rye and Hurk are the leads of the game. Once you start playing your character would be ‘Nick’ in the game “Lost on Mars”. The game starts with great animation with the entry of the most appreciated character – Hurk . Hurk is decapitated who eventually turns into a flying bot named Brobot . Hurk can revive the power of an AI named Anne. And, Anne can prevent an upcoming invasion of Earth by Alien Arachnids.

The Experience of far cry 5 dlc review

Being ”Lost on Mars” is not a good experience. It’s a bizarre set up. It doesn’t depend on the experience but it’s really sometimes miffed by the shortcomings of the game. 

Hurk is the main character who is a recurring star in Far Cry. ”Lost on Mars” is a game which is loaded with full-fledged comedy with the Hurk’s character. Hurk makes jokes from the topics of Star Wars to Far Cry itself. His non-stop commentary and jokes and non willingness to shut up sometimes puts off the  audience, but  most people take it as a source of amusement. far cry 5 dlc review of fans finds the ‘”Lost on Mars”’ pretty well though it is many miles away. 

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far cry 5 dlc review

The accessories

The mechanics are later recognised as the same old ones but in different clothing. The things are planned in a way so that they don’t become too predictable. You see that on the journey, the normal weapons of Far Cry 5 are replaced by chrome-coated weapons with better variations. There are a lot to choose from grenades, rifles, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles. These are new things which make you interested in the DLC which is a five hour game and the new weapons like beam rifle are fun and thrilling to use.

The far cry 5 dlc review of Gravity

As Mars has less gravity, floating and higher jumping are quite common. The low-gravity twist is on when thrown into the mix, which is a gravity belt. These things make the traversal a really exciting adventure. The space wings are a source of pure amusement.

In the far cry 5 dlc review the gravity belt can be useful, especially the towers. Solving the platforming puzzle boxes is a common task  which is brought by the Ubisoft towers or antennas as done in the previous Far Cry 5 games. In the case of ”Lost on Mars”, low gravity and jetpack twist, they really are significantly more enjoyable.

far cry 5 dlc review

The far cry 5 dlc review of Aliens

One more interesting feature is that Mars is infested with the arachnid aliens which you need to destroy. They are the subterranean creatures. When you reach the rocks on the terrain, it’s not advisable to set foot on the red soil as it grabs the attention of  the space spiders. It’s always a tedious task to traverse while navigating your way on the large portions of red sandy areas. It is quite frustrating to face dozens of enemies while trying to move around.

The far cry 5 dlc review of Airborne

The jetpack and the low gravity are surely going to be fun firefights and also you will be airborne and found always hovering over long stretches of red sand. 

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far cry 5 dlc review

The far cry 5 dlc review of Stealth 

Stealth is a very important combat feature of the Far Cry series. If the stealth factor is missing the combat is a little monotonous and repetitive so stealth is one of the core aspects of Far Cry.

The far cry 5 dlc review of Comparison with Lost on Mars

This series has become famous due to many games where many systems are constantly reacting with each other. In ”Lost on Mars”, there are very less things to be done compared to Far Cry 5’s Montana. The ”Lost on Mars” feels repetitive as it is more or less like completing the checklists to cross off. The far cry 5 dlc review of shows a loop in an hour where we can explore a decently sized map leisurely. There are very few things to do, that is – collect hurks body parts and put them back together, kill the queen arachnids and then activate the towers etc.

As per The far cry 5 dlc review of this series of the game has become popular in setting a record of multiple systems gameplay. And it is not a feature of the game ‘”Lost on Mars”’.

The base games are loaded up with guns and there is no hire mechanic and only Hurk is the sole companion. This means that there is not going to be much help going round on mars. There are a lot of absurdities which would make it possible to make a way to the mechanic. The run time is quite short that is five hours so that it is not boring though the impact is felt where it can be known that it lacks much depth you could have expected in Far Cry.


It is thus concluded that the game is really a different version of what is expected. The ”Lost on Mars” game comparatively  doesn’t seem to contain the best features seen in a Far Cry game. The traversal and the fluid platforming and the funny dialogues make the gamer interested for 5 hours but definitely we can say that Far Cry game is much a piece of fun products of DLC rather than the ”Lost on Mars” game.

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