FBI Helps Companies Trick Hackers with Deliberately “False Data”

FBI Helps Companies Trick Hackers with Deliberately “False Data”

The FBI has a solution to the problem of data theft. We are talking about the program Illicit Data Loss Exploitation (IDLE), which allows companies to reduce the damage from a hacker attack of data by preliminary substitution of information with false data in order to confuse attackers. In other words, companies are introducing bait to potential scammers and corporate spies.

The FBI does not share details about how IDLE will work. Nevertheless, according to one source, real data is mixed with false data to make the information look reliable. A hacker is unlikely to start immediately checking the data, and while he downloads it, this will give a signal to IT specialists that someone has entered their system.

FBI Helps Companies Trick Hackers with Deliberately “False Data”The FBI helps to create fictitious data using real information, but the source said that the agency does not store this data and receives it only with the consent of the companies.

There is no guarantee that this program will be effective. After all, an experienced hacker can analyze the data, so this approach is suitable only as of the basic security system of the company. For the FBI, this is not so much a means of complete security as an approach that will help companies prepare their own reliable protection, instead of simply stating the fact of a hack.

Source: Ars Technica

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