FIX – AdSense “Insufficient Content” Issue

Getting Approved by Google AdSense is a Core Dream of Every Blogger but Now these Days AdSense Application Approval Process is Changed. Many of Bloggers Face Disapproval from AdSense because their site does not comply with google policies and Sometimes they Stuck at “Insufficient Content”  Problem. So guys Now I will Manually Guide you How you Get Rid of all of this AdSense Disapproval. Just Read Carefully and Take a Minute to Understand What am Saying.Google AdSense "Insufficient Content"

How to Fix Google AdSense “Insufficient Content” Problem?

 Guys, Literally I am also Face this Problem Four Times Before Getting AdSense Approved So I Show you the Right Way to Approve your AdSense Account. Just Read Article Carefully. This can Help you to Understand that How AdSense Team Work on Application Approval. They Review your Application Personally and Review your Site. keep below Points in your Mind.

Don’t Reapply Instantly After Disapproval

Many of new Bloggers are so Excited that they Reapply for AdSense Again and Again. This Cause AdSense Reviewer Put that Domain in Block List So They Never Approve that Domain. So Guys Don’t go so Quick, Go Step by Step this will help You to Manually Approve your Account. After Disapproval just checks Whats Going on and How to Fix it.

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After Getting Mail of “Insufficient Content” Blogger write almost 3-4 Article and Reapply Again that Really a Bad Idea. Just Write almost Minimum 1-2 Article a Day and After a Month Reapply AdSense, there is 70-80% Chance of Getting Approved If you have to Fulfill other Needs of AdSense Policies such as No Copyright Material, Properly Follow Webmaster Guidelines and Organic Traffic Source.

Why You Receive “Insufficient Content” Message from Google AdSense Team?

Guys, This happens When Google Crawler not able to read your Text on your Site. It may be Less than your Code Ratio. So Write your Post of 600 words and more. Don’t Do Grammatically Mistakes If you have Just Fix it. If You Embed your Videos in your Posts So Guys use as less as you can Because Flash Files are not readable by Google Crawlers.

Google AdSense Team Reviewer use Google Crawler to Read your Text of your Website and trying to Know the Content What is About? So When Crawler not able to read your content because of Increase of your HTML Codes.

Solution: Write Approx. 50-6- High-Quality Post on your Site and Reapply for AdSense. Only Try after the One or two Month of Disapproval. In Between time Analyse your Site, Improve Design, Architecture and Drive some Traffic to your Site. Sometimes your Site is linked with Websites that are used to Server Pirated Material Like Software, Movies and Songs.

12 Golden Tips to Getting AdSense Approved After Disapproval:

  1. Don’t Drive Traffic Manually because Google is Smarter.
  2. Write all your Article by Yourself and Ensure that are Unique.
  3. Read All Google AdSense Policies.
  4. Analyse Your Blog Structure.
  5. Design your Blog in a Way that User easily Navigate it.
  6. Apply Some Basic SEO on your Site.
  7. Don’t Use Other Ads on your Site.
  8. Keep Calm After Disapprove.
  9. Don’t Use Flash animations and Videos in your Post.
  10. Increase your Text Ratio than your HTML Code.
  11. Drive Some Organic Traffic from Search Engines.
  12. Daily update your site.

From Editor’s Desk:

If You Have any Problem Related to this Article and any Point. Just Comment it Below I can assist you to Approve your Google AdSense Account. Keep in Mint Don’t Go for a Quick Decision. Keep Calm and Getting your AdSense Approved.


  1. Sir, Actually I had applied for adsense few days back and they rejected my adsense application because of Insufficient Content.

    I have read your article and my all doubt has been clear now I will wait for a month and publish 1-2 post daily then can i get an approved adsense account.

    If you have time then please can you review my site www (dot) birthdayhdcard (dot) com

    Like what about it’s navigation and design. Thank You very much Sir.. please help me to get adsense.

    • Hi, Satender
      I Check your site Its pretty Good that you are using WordPress and your theme is clean and have good navigation. In additional word I give you an advice to noindex you categories and tags that sometimes show copied pages for search engine when they pick you category in search results. Google thought that the content is already discuss in your site.

  2. pls how do i know if i’m permanently blocked for re-applying, and added to a block list. Also review my blog thanks.

    • Bro, There is no way to confirm that your are in google’s black list…. but if your link is not able to index in google and down the results rapidly so it means you are in blacklist.

  3. please bro,i have applied for arsenal for four times,but it keep telling me insufficient content, please I would like it if you review my site emmanuelokorodo . blogspot

    • Bro Write More Posts and words are more than 500 words and you still see “Insufficient Content” until you write more articles with rich content.

  4. Hey bro, can you check out my blog too and tell me whats the issue, I received the same issue after applying for like 4 times. www.(dot)enchantedwrites(dot)blogspot(dot)com

    • Ali Bro, Add more text to your post and after disapproval apply after a month and in in between time just post quality articles.

  5. I have read your post and I want to know, I received exactly same issue of insufficient content.
    Have a look at my website : www(dot)selfprojections(dot)com
    Please suggest me something for it too please, Like user interface navigation etc

    • Hi Awais, I Check Your site It looking good But your Site’s SEO is not that better as google like it.
      So Hire some SEO Expert to Optimize your site and You site have less content so post two article daily and do some work on content writing and SEO.

      After 1-2Month Reapply for Adsense
      Good Luck !

  6. Hi,i recently received a msg from by Google about insufficient content. But now I know what to do my reading your post.
    Sir my website is 12 days old ,is their any issue of website age too???
    And are the views important??
    Plz review my website
    And plz tell me how to improve it .

  7. I will apply two times my blog to approval adsence but received that insufficient content my blog is infoceylonnews(dot)blogspot(dot)com
    Please tell my blog issue?

    • Hi Suresh, You site does not have enough content to approve adsense account and you posts are too short that google crawlers take much time to read your content from search engines.

      You need to post more articles on daily basis and concentrate on high quality content and SEO too.

      Learn Basic SEO –

  8. please help me bro I applied for three times and the answer is back with a content of a sufficient without the web can see my www(dot)ultrastream(dot)al/

    • Hey Genti, I Check your site you need to put more information in your articles and post almost 2-3 articles and day with more than 600 words and apply after one or two months later ..
      Must Try some basic SEO
      Good Luck

    • Hi Mina, After getting disapproval don’t just post article and submit again. Check your previous article and add some content on those article and then try again after approx 1 month and then see.

  9. Hi Odiagbe, I Reviewed your site and its pretty awesome.. but your post’s text is too low so google crawlers not able to read your page text Like what they about so that’s why you need to add more text to each post and do some basic SEO on blogger blog.

    Bro Once read my above 12 golden tips and follow them to get rid of “adsense insufficient content problem”

  10. Hi bro I too I’m facing the same problem. I run an entertainment site on blogger but still face insufficient content from adsense. I would like you to review my site and help me with the necessary tips.. thanks ‎

  11. I just got a message from Google stating Adsense application disapproved because of Insufficient Content.
    Can you kindly help to check what can be done.
    Thank you.

    • Bro check out above article and 12 tips that might help you to approve adsense. same i use and approve my adsense account.

  12. Hi, i am quite new to blogging but believe i am doing great with my Content writing and SEO optimization.
    Applied for AdSense and was BOUNCE just now. Kindly review my site and let me know what you think www(dot)gitsplash(dot)com

    As i have plans to double my content and apply in 30 days time as u instructed.

    Awaiting your reply.

    • Hi Okechukwu Eze, I just reviewed your site. It is quite too simple and navigation is not properly organised.

      You content text is very small and According to me, Your SEO is not efficient.

      Use some good WordPress template and do some WordPress SEO settings it may help you to get Adsense.

    • Your site content is pretty well and I just noticed that your site design is not much good and improve your site navigation.

  13. Hi, this is helpful info. I got dissaproved today for “insufficient content” , after being approved last week with ads showing alive. My arricles are all 600+ words but I do have some Youtube videos. Can you please look at my site and let me know what you think: www(dot)selfdevelopshop(dot)com

    • Hi Ane, I see your site It’s good looking and other aspects are also good.

      If they send you insufficient content then you need to work on to increase your posts and keep in mind after disapproval. try after 1 month later and you can get Adsense approve.

      If you face any problem leave the comment in reply.

  14. Hey bro, can you check out my blog too and tell me whats the issue, I received the same issue after applying for 3 times. www(dot)kadamtaal(dot)com

  15. Hi, you doing a great job, i am having this same issue of insufficient content, please can you review my site and let me know where i am getting it wrong ( thanks.

    • Thanks, Mato, I see your site. Brother Your post content is very less so that’s why you are facing this problem.

      don’t just post many articles in a day. Just out more content in single articles.

  16. I just got a message from Google stating Adsense application disapproved because of Insufficient Content.
    Can you kindly help to check what can be done.
    Thank you.

    • Zubair Lanre bro just checked out your site. I will suggest you add more content in your previous articles and keep in mind apply after at least 1 month.

      Otherwise, you will face “Site Does Not Comply With AdSense Policies” Issue.

  17. I read your article. It is very helpful. But i have a question. How many long time Google adsense take to get approval for blog website in 2017?

  18. Hello Admin i have a website that has over 300 unique hand written articles, still i got rejected saying “insufficient content” what am i missing? please help me out thanks


  19. Hi, the above information is quite helping…i got disapproved Last night due to “insufficient content” although i ll definitely follow ur instructions still can u plz put a glance on it n help me to get the approval.

    Will wait for ur advise.

    • Hi Sami Please show me your site so I can scan your site and review It that what problem you are facing with AdSense “insufficient content”

  20. Bro i suit my website to google adsense for like 3 times and all i got is that problem can you help me my site is


  21. Thank you for the very helpful article.Even my blog got rejected on account of insufficient content.Can u review my site? Www(dot)fabfabless(dot)blogspot(dot)in

  22. Bro i Have a .com Extention Domain, its one and half week old but some of its pages are now showing on google search. first i got disapproval of insufficient content then i create 3 more pages in it and try again but i face the same problem, can u suggest me? what i need to do now to get my site approved on google adsense.
    My Site is this: 🙂

    Kindly Help me.

    • Bro create drop down navigation and add 10-15 article on your site and use good theme and then reapply. after that share your thoughts here.


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