FIX – AdSense “Insufficient Content” Issue

Getting Approved by Google AdSense is a Core Dream of Every Blogger but Now these Days AdSense Application Approval Process is Changed. Many of Bloggers Face Disapproval from AdSense because their site does not comply with google policies and Sometimes they Stuck at “Insufficient Content”  Problem. So guys Now I will Manually Guide you How you Get Rid of all of this AdSense Disapproval. Just Read Carefully and Take a Minute to Understand What am Saying.Google AdSense "Insufficient Content"

How to Fix Google AdSense “Insufficient Content” Problem?

 Guys, Literally I am also Face this Problem Four Times Before Getting AdSense Approved So I Show you the Right Way to Approve your AdSense Account. Just Read Article Carefully. This can Help you to Understand that How AdSense Team Work on Application Approval. They Review your Application Personally and Review your Site. keep below Points in your Mind.

Don’t Reapply Instantly After Disapproval

Many of new Bloggers are so Excited that they Reapply for AdSense Again and Again. This Cause AdSense Reviewer Put that Domain in Block List So They Never Approve that Domain. So Guys Don’t go so Quick, Go Step by Step this will help You to Manually Approve your Account. After Disapproval just checks Whats Going on and How to Fix it.

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After Getting Mail of “Insufficient Content” Blogger write almost 3-4 Article and Reapply Again that Really a Bad Idea. Just Write almost Minimum 1-2 Article a Day and After a Month Reapply AdSense, there is 70-80% Chance of Getting Approved If you have to Fulfill other Needs of AdSense Policies such as No Copyright Material, Properly Follow Webmaster Guidelines and Organic Traffic Source.

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Why You Receive “Insufficient Content” Message from Google AdSense Team?

Guys, This happens When Google Crawler not able to read your Text on your Site. It may be Less than your Code Ratio. So Write your Post of 600 words and more. Don’t Do Grammatically Mistakes If you have Just Fix it. If You Embed your Videos in your Posts So Guys use as less as you can Because Flash Files are not readable by Google Crawlers.

Google AdSense Team Reviewer use Google Crawler to Read your Text of your Website and trying to Know the Content What is About? So When Crawler not able to read your content because of Increase of your HTML Codes.

Solution: Write Approx. 50-6- High-Quality Post on your Site and Reapply for AdSense. Only Try after the One or two Month of Disapproval. In Between time Analyse your Site, Improve Design, Architecture and Drive some Traffic to your Site. Sometimes your Site is linked with Websites that are used to Server Pirated Material Like Software, Movies and Songs.

12 Golden Tips to Getting AdSense Approved After Disapproval:

  1. Don’t Drive Traffic Manually because Google is Smarter.
  2. Write all your Article by Yourself and Ensure that are Unique.
  3. Read All Google AdSense Policies.
  4. Analyse Your Blog Structure.
  5. Design your Blog in a Way that User easily Navigate it.
  6. Apply Some Basic SEO on your Site.
  7. Don’t Use Other Ads on your Site.
  8. Keep Calm After Disapprove.
  9. Don’t Use Flash animations and Videos in your Post.
  10. Increase your Text Ratio than your HTML Code.
  11. Drive Some Organic Traffic from Search Engines.
  12. Daily update your site.

From Editor’s Desk:

If You Have any Problem Related to this Article and any Point. Just Comment it Below I can assist you to Approve your Google AdSense Account. Keep in Mint Don’t Go for a Quick Decision. Keep Calm and Getting your AdSense Approved.

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