FIX: Keyboard is not Working on Windows 10

Are you facing this problem “Keyboard is not Working on Windows 10” Firstly I just want to clarify that this article is only for those who are using windows 10 because this window comes with new features and some improvements. But whenever you’ll update your window 10 you might be facing this problem. So many users have reported about the keyboard is not working after a window update.

A keyboard is the most important part of a computer, you can’t use your computer with a keyboard. So if your keyboard has suddenly stopped working and you don’t even know how to fix that problem then you are in the right place. A few days back I had also faced this situation and I did a lot of things to get rid of this problem.

Steps to Fix “Keyboard is not Working on Windows 10” Issue

If your keyboard is working on other devices which may have window 8, window 7 but does not work on window 10 pc then don’t worry about it. In this article will discuss all the issue which can create problems. And we also teach you that how you can fix keyboard not working problem. So let’s see how this article gonna be work for you. I hope you’ll like this article and also helpful for you.

Method 1: Find some Physically Damage

If you haven’t read the first two paragraph then this method is for you only, if you have read the paragraphs then move on to the second method. So what you have to do is, find some damage issues on your keyboard. So check is there has any physical damage somewhere. If yes, carry your keyboard to the service center or you can change it with the new one.

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Method 2: Clean your Keyboard

Most of us are only use the things but not doing care. If you never clean your keyboard then clean them first because the dust can worsen your keyboard so make a habit to do the cleaning in a week. You just need to take a normal brush and start cleaning, just try to remove all the dust. You can also buy a cleaning kit which makes your work easy and saves your time as well.

Method 3: Keyboard Driver

If the above methods are not working then you should check your keyboard driver. You might need to update the driver of your keyboard. Sometimes what happened is, our system devices stop working because their software is out of date. If you are using Microsoft window then there is an option that helps you to updates your drives automatically, you just need to turn on.

Below we’ll teach you how you can update your drive. If you don’t want to spend your more time then you may go to the software who install drives automatically according to your system need.

#1: Firstly you need to go on your desktop and right click “my computer” icon and click on “Manage”.

#2: Click on “Device Manager” option. If you don’t know where it is, see the below image.

Alternative Option:

#1: If my computer icon does not exist on your desktop then simply press “Window logo Key” and go to apps and find “On screen keyboard”.

#2: Now press “window logo key +R”. Type “devmgmt.msc” on the Run window through your “On-Screen Keyboard”.

#3: Once you entered in the device manager window, you need to find the “keyboard” option. Double click on the “keyboard” option for expanding and you’ll see your keyboard device which you are using.

#4: Now right click on that keyboard which you use and click on “Update Driver Software”.

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