FIX: Printer Offline Error on Windows 7/8/10 PC / Laptop

Are you looking for a solution that helps you to fix printer offline errors on Windows ?  Then, you are my friend at The right place.  In this Article, I am going to talk about How to Fix or solve printer offline error on Windows 7 / 8 / 10 pc / laptop.  This is not a big issue, it generally happens due to some of the following reasons. So, I am going to talk about all of them and Hopefully, They will help you out to fix This offline printer error. let’s dive into solution.

Fix Printer Offline error on windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop
Fix Printer Offline error on windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop

Steps to Fix Printer Offline error on windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop

Most of the time the problem with fixing printer offline error is due to the connectivity issues in most of the cases it is resolved by changing a bit of hardware wires. But,  sometimes the issue is due to some other reason. So, we are going to cover all of them here one by one.  You can select any of the methods as per  your case.

Fix Printer Offline error on windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop
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Method #1: Check Hardware Connectivity of Printer

if you are getting the error message saying “Check the Printer & System Connectivity“,  then it seems like there is not a good connection between your printer and your PC. So, we should try to solve the problem by trying some of the following tricks.

  • Try restarting your Printer.
  • Try restarting your computer.
  • Try to unplug and replug the USB cable in both printer and PC.
  • Try to run the system Diagnostics for windows, if you are running printer on Wireless Network.

Method #2: Check the Status of Printer

 Simply try to check the current status of your printer. For That You need to go to control panel and search for printer and settings.  Right click on your printer and see if there are any pending documents that are there to be printed and, if they are pending then they will stop other documents to be printed.

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Fix Printer Offline error on windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop
Fix Printer Offline error on windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop

So, first remove those unnecessary documents. And then you can use your printer as it is. most of the time this method solve the problem but, if still, the problem persists – you can go to the next method and try to fix the problem.

Method #3: Restart Print Spooler Service

Sometimes, the main reason to fix printer offline error is the printer service that is not running in the background. so you just need to turn it on and your printer will work as fine as it was before.  just follow the following steps and you will be able to re-enable this little service.

  •  Press Windows button and search for term ‘Serives’.
  •  find  the option in the list named as ‘print spooler’.
  •   Right click on it and Select start service.
  •  Boom! you are ready to go.

but for some reason is still the problem process you can simply jump to the next method and solve it permanently

Method #4: Install a New One!

The ultimate solution For Every problem. If you cannot find Other way, find another tool to make a way. so if you are unable to fix the problem with your current printer, one of the best method that it consultant use is they replace the thing.  So simply remove your old printer and try to plug in Another one.  If that printer works that means there is some problem with your old printer and it needs some maintenance or fixing.

From the Editor’s Desk

Finally, we are at the end of this article. And I hope that you have liked Tricks to Fix Printer offline. If you have any doubt or any query related to the article, you are welcome in the commands field below. I’ll be very happy to answer your questions and add your suggestions in the article. Thanks for your time see you in the next article.

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