How to Solve Rats WebGL Hit A Snag Error !

Rats! WebGL hit a snag: Have you ever stuck in a situation where you get an error message saying “Rats! WebGL hit a snag” in your chrome browser? What’s it all about? Well, you might have and its pretty common too. Today we will be discussing about this error and how to fix it. So stay tuned and keep reading.

Rats! WebGL hit a snag is a pretty common error for chrome users. This error occurs because of malfunctioning of WebGL libraries. So in order to understand this error in deep, we need to understand about WebGL and how it works.

What is WebGL?

WebGL stands short for Web Graphics Library. It holds all the library header files which are responsible to create and show images and shapes in your browser. WebGL is javascript API, and it is capable of rendering high quality and interactive 3D graphics and 2D graphics on Google Chrome. With the help of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on your computer, it can help execute many WebGL based sites and applications. WebGL was made by Khronos Group designs which maintain the build and further development of WebGL technologies. It is a non-profit group situated in Beaverton, Oregon (USA).

Usage of WebGL

WebGL is basically a thin layer on top of the traditional OpenGL platform. OpenGL is used for drawing and rendering 2D objects. It helps to execute code on GPU by pushing it on GPU microchips on your computer. The best part about WebGL is that it is highly versatile. Once a code is written, it can be executed everywhere.

WebGL is not only used for basic shapes and 2D rendering. Scientist and several research centres have performed much complex research based on WebGL. One such case is the research on “Cellular Automata” which stimulates the flow of debris particles.

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How to Fix Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag

Sometimes when you are using service via WebGL and the site crashes. Then in this situation, we get an error message saying Rats! WebGL hit a snag while surfing on Chrome browser.

Note: – This error message does not indicate continuous errors but appears whenever someone is trying to make constant attempts to use WebGL.

However, unlike other error messages, you cant get rid of it via a simple page refresh. If you reload the particular site, the error message will pop again. So today we will be discussing about how to fix Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag error in your chrome browser. We will be discussing three different methods in total.

Most of these methods require going to the setting page of Google Chrome. So we advise you to follow the steps given in below methods very carefully. As one mistake in settings page can result in failure of Chrome Browser as a whole.

Fix #1 Disabling Hardware Accelerated Graphics in Chrome

Sometimes this issue can arise because of hardware acceleration failure. So you can simply fix it by disabling the hardware accelerated graphics from settings. Its quite easy, just follow the below steps.

  1. Go to chrome://settings>>show advanced settings.
  2. Uncheck the option use hardware acceleration when available”.
  3. Restart Chrome browser to make changes live.

Fix #2 Disabling WebGL option in Chrome

If the problem is not solved via disabling the hardware acceleration, then the problem might be with the WebGL engine. Thankfully you can disable it in Chrome settings. Just follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Type chrome://flags in the address bar in chrome browser.
  2. Search for Disable WebGL in the search window.
  3. Enable this option and restart Chrome Browser.

Fix #3 Checking for errors manually

  1. Type chrome://GPU in the address bar in chrome browser.
  2. You will find problems and error logs here.
  3. You can check any unusual red warning message to figure out what is the problem. Then you can manually fix it by disabling it.
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So, guys, this is how you can fix Rats WebGL Hit A Snag Error in your chrome browser. There are many limited numbers of fixes to this error.

If you’re facing any problem in the above three methods, then feel free to discuss it in the comment section below. Also if you know, any other possible fix to Rats WebGL Hit A Snag Error then let us know, and we will add it to this list. Also, make sure to share this article with your friends.