FIX: Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found on Chrome !

DNS Server problem occurs much time while accessing the internet on google chrome. And, this is easily fixed using few tricks and methods. If you are reading this article – then probably you are one of the victims of this error and, looking for how to fix DNS address could not be found. So, in this article, I’m going o explain few methods to Fix Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found on Chrome. Let’s have a look at these methods.


  • Now, in the black window – Type ‘ipconfig /flushdns‘ + Enter.
  • Again type – ‘ipconfig /release‘ + Enter.
  • Then, Refresh all settings with – Typing – ‘Ipconfig /renew‘ + Enter.
  • And, This should fix your problem of DNS Server.


Method #2: (Chrome Host cache)


Chrome Host cache also plays a vital role in maintaining DNS server settings. In the case, when these settings get corrupted – You need to reset them. Otherwise, they may lead to malfunction of the browser. So, follow the following steps to fix things.

  1. In You chrome browser: Open the URL as: chrome://net-internals/#dns
  2. Simply click on the button saying, “Clear host cache“.
  3. Reload the main tab of your browser to check & see, if the problem is fixed.

Method #3: (Restart DNS Server service)


Last, but not the least – This method is the must working technique. If the above two methods didn’t work out. Then, this one will definitely work out. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps and restart your system to make all the changes effective.

  1. Press Windows key and type services.
  2. Now, Find DNS Client service as shown in the image above. And, restart it.
  3. Wait for the service to get a restart.
  4. Check to see the problem is solved.
  5. Otherwise, restart your PC to make all changes effective.
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From Editor’s Desk

I’m going to finish up this article on Fix Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found on Chrome. And, I hope that the methods those I’ve explained above will be of great use to you. These methods will definitely help you in difficulties. If you have any doubt or suggestion regarding this article – please feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll try to help you out. Thanks for your time and faith. I’ll see you in the next article.