FIX: Stuck at “Checking Network Requirements” in Windows 10 PC

If you are Stuck at “Checking Network Requirements” in Windows 10 Computer. So here we have some cool ways to fix this problem in just a few minutes.

After the evolution of windows from windows 8 to windows 10, windows user-facing problems in checking network requirements in Windows 10.  Sometimes, the network error appears as “limited or no connectivity error”. With the new updates of windows these issues are very common to have for windows user.

So, in this Article, I am going to tell you how you can fix this problem of checking network requirements in Windows 10 with very few steps. I’ll try to keep things as simple as possible. So without any delay let’s have a look at the steps you have to follow.

Fix Stuck at “Checking Network Requirements” in Windows 10 PC
Fix Stuck at “Checking Network Requirements” in Windows 10 PC

Steps to Fix Stuck at “Checking Network Requirements” in Windows 10 PC

There are many methods to solve this problem but here I am going to talk about simple solutions one by one. You just have to follow the steps and most probably your problem will be solved within a few minutes. So sit back and grab your cup of the coffe. we are going to have a good ride here.

Method #1: Update Windows

One of the best and easy solutions that you can get is to simply try to update your windows system. Simply press your windows key and search for ” update”,  You will see an option saying windows update.  Click option and check for windows update.

It may need some time based on your internet speed. Have patience and wait for it to complete. 90% of the cases this will solve the problem. If the problem still persists, just move to the next method and try your luck.

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Method #2: Use the Windows Troubleshooting Program

  1.  Right, Click on your network icon at the bottom right corner of your taskbar.
  2.  Select the Troubleshooter problems Option.
  3.  Now click next and let the windows check for the possible combination that may solve your problem.
  4.  After clicking on the finish button in the popup dialogue box try again to connect to the network that you want to connect.
  5.  If Still, It doesn’t work you can try restarting your system.

Method #3: Try to Fix Installed Drivers

and the final piece of advice that I can give you he is to have a look at your network drivers. uninstall and reinstall them and in most cases this will solve your problem. to install your network drivers, follow the following steps:

  1. Press the windows key and search for Device manager.
  2. Now select your network adaptor from their Right click on it.
  3. You will see an option saying uninstall.
  4. Simply click on the option and uninstall the drivers. Don’t worry when you will restart your windows pc it will reinstall all the drivers itself.
  5.  Now restart your system and this may solve your problem.

From the Editor’s Desk

So, that is all from my side and I hope that these tips and tricks in solving checking network requirements error will definitely help you out in your scenario. If you still face the problem or you have a Better method That can help others. You can share that method in the comments field below. And, I will try to include that method in the article. Thanks to your time and faith I’ll see in the next article. Bye Bye!