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FIX the Session “Microsoft Security client OOBE” Stopped Error 0xC000000D

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Are you also a victim of Microsoft security client OOBE?  Are you looking for the solution for error code 0xc000000d? Then, my dear friend, you are the perfect place at the perfect moment. Because Today in this article I am going to talk about how you can fix the session “Microsoft Security Client OOBE” stopped error. And I hope that you will find this article useful. Because I have put a lot of time in this one to help you out with the simplest and easiest methods by which you can solve your problem. So without wasting any extra time let’s simply jump into the solution.

Steps to Fix Session “Microsoft Security Client OOBE” Stopped Error 0xc000000d

This problem can take worst form when it results in the blue screen of death aka BSOD. Which may further lead to the hardware damage, if it will cause a lot of blue screen of death kind of scenario. So, fixing this issue of microsoft security client for OOBE is very important. And Following Are some methods which will help you increase in this problem.

#1 Kill the Microsoft Security Client (msseces.Exe) Process

Task manager is one of the best Tool That windows have Provide To a normal user. Because this tool enables us to kill the microsoft security client process very easily. And by killing the process you can kill the main reason by which the error is occurring. so, is very easy and simple to kill the Microsoft security client using the task manager.

  1. Simply press Control + shift + escape Key on your keyboard.
  2. And it will bring up the Task Manager Window.
  3. Now, under the process tab look for Msseces.exe
  4.  Right click on the process and Select kill/end process.
  5.  Now, restart the system and it should solve your problem.
  6. Done!
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#2 Using Cmd to Fix Microsoft security Client OOBE stopped Error 0xC000000D

If you cannot find the solution with the above method, you can always use the command prompt/cmd to solve the problem. Simply run the following command in the black screen ( Press windows + r >> Types cmd + enter >> And A black screen will pop up). now, copy and paste the following command in the black screen and press enter. Now try to Restart The system. This method will definitely fix your problem.

Taskkill /f /im “Msseces.exe
Shutdown /r /t 0

#3 Delete the EPPOOBE.ETL File

This file is a very important file, if some of its settings are corrupted then it may lead to the Microsoft security client OOBE error. So, deleting this file will make the service as it was before. So, it will reset all the windows settings and prevent it from crashing due to corrupted settings. To delete this file just follow the following steps.

  1.  Press Windows + e and, copy and paste the following address into the address bar.
    C:\program data\microsoft\microsoft security client\support\
  2.  Press the enter key. it will navigate you to the required address.
  3.  No simply delete the EPPOOBE.ETL file.
  4.  Try to restart the system.
  5.  And it may solve your problem.

#4 Update Graphic Card Drivers

Sometimes the Microsoft security client error occurs due to the faulty graphics card drivers. When the graphic card drivers are not compatible with the graphics card hardware. You will be facing this error. So to prevent this problem just simply try to uninstall the existing drivers and reinstall the new ones. It will help you in solving your problem easily.

#5 Update Windows

Last but not the least –  this is the ultimate method to fix any problem in windows operating system just simply go to your settings and search for windows update. Now, simply select the option to check for windows update. And everything will happen on its own. you just need to have patience and wait for it to complete.

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After completing the update, just simply restart your system. And, check for the problem if it still Persists. otherwise, you need to reinstall your operating system.

From the editor’s desk

So, that is all from my side. If you have any doubt or any suggestion for me to add in this article about how to fix the session “Microsoft Security Client OOBE” stopped error 0xc000000d. and, if you are facing some other problems with your windows operating system.

You can submit error codes below in the comments unit and I’ll try to help you out with your problem. Every error code has a unique message related to it. so, we have to work hard to make a proper solution for every error code that you may face. Thanks for your time and faith. I will see you in the next article.