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How to Fix: WSAPPX Causing High CPU Load !

WSAPPX Causing High CPU Load

WSAPPX Causing High CPU Load – This Post is especially for Windows 10 users because am also a Windows 10 user so I also face this issue. Rapidly my computer performance is down. so, I check from the task manager where I notice that all process consume a normal CPU power  they need to be run But there is one process named wasappx is consumed the highest power of my CPU.

Further, it has three subprocesses named Client License Service (ClipSVC), Windows Store Service (WSService) and AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC). I read about this process on Microsoft site that it is a windows store regarding process and running store services so that’s why it consume most of the CPU usage. In Below, we can show that how you fix the WSAPPX Causing High CPU Load problem in windows computers.WSAPPX Causing High CPU Load

FIX – WSAPPX Causing High CPU Load:

So Let’s ready to solve this wsappx high CPU usage and boost your computer speed. When you normally right click on that process and click end task so windows throw Error messages about the service can not be stopped. So, we do it manually. We need to disable windows store from Local Group Policy and this process vanishes with it. But we can’t take guarantee that it can appear in task manager again because it is hosted by windows services and windows offer first priority to their own services.

Steps to Disable Windows Store in the Local Group Policy :

  1. Press Windows Key + R and Run Box is Open. Type gpedit.msc and Hit Enter.
  2. Then Click on Local Computer Policy >> Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Store.
  3. Now Double-click on Turn off the Store application and switch the policy to enabled.
  4. Then Restart your Computer.

NOTE – This Trick is working for some of the users so We are not responsible for taking guarantee that these steps are working for all because many of users tell me that the process is still showing after they restart their computer.

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It depends on the windows services that connected to windows store. Make sure this article “WSAPPX Causing High CPU Load” can help you to fix wsappx process problem.