Fortnite Juveniles earn big through Hacking Accounts

Fortnite Juveniles earn big through Hacking
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Teenagers, from the age of 14 have now grown up to make thousands of pounds in a week. They are now part of a global hacking formed around Fortnite, a favorite video game. BBC was recently informed nearly by 20 hackers, that they have swiped off the private gaming accounts of players. These hackers are selling them over online.

Though no cost while playing, Fortnight, is estimated to have made more than 1 billion euros. An in-depth investigation states that these hackers have done it through “skins” sellings, which change character’s look and make other add-ons.

This fuels a growing black market. Hackers can sell player accounts, at the cost ranging from 25p to hundreds of pounds depending on what these accounts contain. The game has more than 200 million players as of now.

Fortnite Juveniles earn big through Hacking
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Hacking is seen to be quickly spreading. And the victims are majorly seen to be the teenagers. A 14-year-old recently released his video narrating how he became a victim of this hacking. He was informed that his password had been altered and someone else added the two-factor authentication, which means that his account could be accessed by punching the code sent to the mail, lodged by the culprit.

The National Crime Agency says there is a massive link between video games and hacking. They have asked the publishers need to work in preventing players from being tempted into crime.

Rehabilitation centers are being set for low-level hackers who have been caught.cyber-crime grooming is frequently taking place and if it’s not treated, they could quickly get taken down in destroying the lives of the teens.

This severe issue of account hacking on Fortnite caught our attention in March. Epic, said that it was looking into the problem sincerely. Hackers were heard competing that it is turning tough for them to access an account if players add two-factor authentication to their minds.

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Epic encourages the security measure by rewarding those who adopt the same in the game too. With this ease, Epic still has chosen not to make it mandatory.