Georgia Hacker Jerell Ford pled guilty for Hacking account IDs and Credit card information

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A Georgia hacker, Kwamaine Jerell Ford was caught by the police for contravening the apple accounts of famous professional athletes and musicians. He was charged guilty for stealing credit cards information and accessing the accounts of the victims.

According to the reports presented by the Verge, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Virginia stated that Jerell Ford aimed for high- profile famous athletes and musicians. He also deceived the athletes and the musicians for providing the passwords of the apple accounts.

The special agent, in charge of the FBI Atlanta Chris Hacker state that the famous high profile victims are an example that irrespective of the identity and power, hackers like Jerell Ford will not stop stealing information and money and will not spare anyone. Thus, people needs to be very careful with the important information and credit card details and should not share it with anyone through emails or any social platforms. This must be taken as a lesson for everyone who are not careful with their documents. Tadacip

Ford started from March 2015, forging into the accounts of the victims through a phishing scheme. The targeted victims are NFL and NBA players and rappers. All of them were send phishing emails asking them for their usernames, answers to the security questions and passwords. The credit cards that were stolen were used to pay for air travels, furniture, hotels, money transfers and more.

Ford was charged with fraud of accessing device, computer fraud, and wire fraud and identity theft. After gathering all the information, more than a hundred unauthorized logins were caught to victim’s apple accounts. For the safety of the apple users, all of them are informed that no emails or calls are doe to the account holders for any personal information or credit card details. Aurogra

Apple also has a support page with the information for avoiding fraud emails and other techniques of scan that the hackers imply to gather information from the users.

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