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North Indian Bride
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Every bride dreams of looking like a royal princess on her big day. To make sure of that, she needs to put together a stunning ensemble: a gorgeous lehenga and super-charming jewellery. While you can think of your dream attire for the lehenga, we can surely help you with the latter part. You can take the help of your makeup artist for this for wedding photographer. North Indian brides often choose elaborate jewelry for their wedding day, but a simple and elegant pair of gold or diamond studs can add a touch of sophistication to their bridal look.

We have created a short yet extremely helpful jewellery guide for north Indian brides. It contains a list of essential jewellery and some tips for styling. Let’s begin! Visit Here

7 Must-Have Bridal Jewellery- North Indian Bride

  1. Matha Patti: Though it is highly popular among the Rajasthani brides, matha patti or head band is now a craze among all North Indian brides. You can pick a piece that complements your attire and the jewellery set. There are different styles of matha patti – from layered ones to the single mang tikka. You can choose one as per your style and comfort. 
  2. Necklaces: Notice that we have written necklaces. The reason is that many brides love to layer different necklaces to get the royal aura. For instance, they can pair a choker necklace with Rani Haar to complete the look. Some other necklaces you can try are kundan necklaces, bib necklace, or navratan necklace. 
  3. Nath: In North Indian cultures, naths hold great significance. It is the symbol of marriage. This is why you would find brides from Punjab, UP, Rajasthan, or even Himachal Pradesh adorning different styles of naths. You too can pick one based on your culture. There are also naths that can be pressed into nostrils in case you don’t have a piercing. 
  4. Jhumkas: You just cannot ignore earrings like jhumkas when it comes to bridal jewellery. Jhumkas are the most popular types of bridal jewellery. Other than this, you can also try chaand baliyan or chandelier earrings. 
  5. Rings: Heavy and studded rings are also must-have pieces to include in your jewellery shopping list. They add a touch of femininity and make your hands looks graceful. Some brides also opt for rings attached to hathphool to get a more traditional look. 
  6. Bangles: Bangles are also quintessential to bridal jewellery. For the wedding, you can go for gold or kundan bangles. Some brides also wear colourful glass bangles to complete the look. 
  7. Anklets: Finally, it is the turn of the most graceful jewellery. Anklets are often gifted by the bridegroom’s family but if you wish to buy one as per your style, feel free to explore the jewellery stores in Delhi. You will find a plethora of designs and styles that are essential for creating a classic Bridal look.
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Tips To Keep In Mind For Styling Bridal Jewellery

Done with the list? Now, here are some crucial tips to make sure you shop for the right things in the right way: 

  • Always buy jewellery based on the colour and style of your lehenga. You can take the help of your makeup artist for this. They can also guide if you want to create a contrast with your jewellery. 
  • When buying wedding jewellery, it is important to buy something that is comfortable and light. This will make sure you will not end up tired and hurt after wearing the jewellery the whole day. 
  • Wedding jewellery is a huge investment. Thus, always buy them from a trusted store that offers authentic bill and hallmark certifications. You can browse this website to understand what we are talking about. 
  • Always buy necklaces based on the neckline of your blouse. If the neckline is not in accordance, it can eventually ruin the whole look and make it look messy. 

That’s all for today. Keep this guide handy so that you can go through it once more when the shopping begins. All the best!