Top 8 Best Google Play Store Alternatives For Android Apps

Best Google Play Store Alternatives
Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play Store Alternatives For Android Apps – Google Play Store is an amazing application. Which helps you in searching and downloading another utility apps of android. You can find more than 1 million Android apps in Google Play Store. All the apps provided are following some standards created by Google. Although, There are many other alternatives to Google Play Store.

So, if you are interested in third party android app stores – then, my dear friend – you are at the right place. Because here I’m going to show you apps you won’t find on google play. And, You’ll find this article much more useful than before. So, as we all know that Google Play Store is basically a service which helps you in finding a helpful app to you.

Where You can download required apps for free or For the very Little price (legally). But, Many android apps are not available on the Google Play Store platform. There can be many reasons for that, maybe the app is not released in your country. Or, The developer has not given access to all users. So, we need to look for another destination for our needs. Thus, We’ll have to use other Google Play store alternatives apps. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

List of Best Google Play Store Alternatives:

Best Google Play Store Alternatives
Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Although, There are many alternatives are there in the market. But, Few are very popular and recommended by many users. So, In this section, we’ll talk about those apps – One by One.

#1 Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store is one of the Best alternatives for the Play Store app. It provides almost thousands of free and paid apps, as per the User’s requirement. The User interface is quite simple to use and understand. Although, it seems inspired to form the Play Store. But, The Amazing thing about the Amazon app Store is that – It allows you to try one paid app freely on daily basis. That’s quite amazing feature.Amazon App Store - Google Play Store Alternatives

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#2 F-Droid

F-Droid is an amazing Free app-store application for android smartphones. It provides almost all the open Source applications. Although, not all the open source things are better at first launch. So, you can’t find the best one for your operation. But, These kinda apps gets better and better with time.FDroid - Google Play Store Alternatives

#3 Getjar

Getjar is another rival for the Top 8 list of Google Play Store alternatives. The app started to provide the jar files for the java supported mobile phones. But, with the involvement of the Android. They also rooted towards the apk. They have a classic user interface and divided the apps according to the categories. So, It is quite easier to find the required android app from the huge store.GetJar - Google Play Store Alternatives

#4 AppBrain

AppBrain is a heaven for the users, who want to use the paid apps. But, Here in AppBrain – User can easily search for any paid application for free. The app developers themselves upload their products for testing or getting some publicity for the application. Thus, This AppStore is Quite a nice choice for your requirements.AppBrain - Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

#5 ApkMirror

ApkMirror is one of my favourite app stores out there in the market. ApkMirror is one of those app stores – which get updates of the apps as soon as Google Play Store Updates any new app in the store. If you are the geek for the latest release. Then, This is the app for you. You’ll find all free apps from the ApkMirror. Although, the developers claim to have all malware free apps in the store. You must give it a try. but, With proper care about the app, you are about to use.APKMirror - Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

#6 9Apps

9Apps is another App-Store with a lot of advantages. The simple and attractive user-interface makes it very easy to understand and use this app. The UI seems to be inspired from the Google Play Store. You’ll find all the paid and free applications on 9Apps – with the latest updates. Although, There’s no guarantee of malware free apps from the source.9Apps - Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

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#7 Mobogenie

Mobogenie app store is a fully featured app for your android device. The “intelligent” app suggestion feature allows you to decide which is the best app for your device. The decision is made upon your interests and device configuration. you can found almost all apps that are available on Google Play Store. But, it is quite doubtful about the originality of the apps available at Mobogenie.Mobogenie - Best Alternatives to Play Store

#8 Aptoide

Aptoide is the last, but Not the Least in the list. It has a great, attractive and grouped user interface. The paid apps at Google Play Store can easily be downloaded for free on Aptoide. The chances are more that you’ll find the same app that you are looking for here. Although, all the apps are quite advertisement friendly and User may face difficulties due to ti them. You may give it a try by your own.Aptoide - Best Alternatives to Play Store

In The End, I Hope this article has helped you out. But, Please make sure that before using these Google Play Store Alternative apps, you must verify the security protocols of the app you are going to use. Otherwise, you may face any malware or fake android app. Test every aspect of the application before starting to use it. And, If you are in doubt – Please Throw a comment at me. I’ll try to help you out. Thanks for your time.