Google To Bring Android Messages To Your Computer’s Web Browser


There’s a redo of automaton Messages rolling bent our phones. So far, we have not seen any important changes to the UI, however, large things area unit happening underneath the surface. A teardown reveals Google is preparing to launch an internet interface that may permit users to try their phones with a laptop for all of their texting wants. Google may additionally be progressing to provide its own increased chat options to figure with RCS electronic messaging. and at last, it’s like we’ll be ready to get things from firms right from at intervals automaton Messages.

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Android users, here’s another excellent news for you! currently, you’ll send text messages through the browser. As we tend to all recognize that Google dominates the search, video, maps section, however its electronic messaging game set up remains an enigma.

Android Messages for Web Browser of Google

We should admit that Google has completely different reasonably apps for each different purpose. However, it’s did not gain associate iMessage or WhatsApp like quality. If we tend to cite iMessage, it’s one amongst the explanations why individuals favour to keep within favours closed garden.

Unlike Allo, however, automaton Messages may permit you to send mobile SMSes instead of internet messages, creating texting a good quantity easier. To use it, you’ll have to be compelled to scan a QR code on your laptop or macintosh, then try your device whenever you wish to text. The feature seems to be partly enforced within the latest automaton Messages 2.9 APK, however you cannot however send associate actual text.

The APK conjointly hints at the power to send and receive payments, possible via Google Pay, doubtless gap that service up to several additional users. There also are signs that one thing known as Google increased electronic messaging, in all probability similar good Replies for Gmail, Allo and Inbox, is returning to automaton Messages.

All told, Google seems to be reworking automaton Messages into associate Allo-like app, apart from mobile SMS texts rather than web-based ones. It may even be monetizing it to a degree via Google Pay. Considering the facility it yields over the automaton smartphone scheme, that might quantity to plenty of bucks. Take all the changes with some salt, though, as a result of APKs do not essentially mean options area unit set in stone, and a few of the aforesaid options area unit still half-baked

Another major move seems to be happening with RCS, and it’s like Google could also be bored with rental it progress slowly. plenty of recent promotional text has been more to encourage individuals to “text over Wi-Fi” and suggesting that they “upgrade” instantly.

Where things get extremely fascinating is that Google is providing to supply a number of the services instead of going them up to carriers. One line even specifies that “chat options area unit power-driven by Google,” that makes it sound like Google could also be providing to act because the treater for your electronic messaging. i am unsure if RCS supports replacement your carrier with another supplier, however it’s just like the automaton Messages app itself can provide one thing thereto impact.

The apk teardown to boot reveals some superior perform like causing messages over WiFi, learn receipts, seeing period of time responses, and plenty of others. Effectively, it’s worth to note that APK teardowns area unit mostly speculative, and it’s going to grow to be blemished on most events. So, it need to be infatuated a grain of salt.


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