Google Translate Got A Major Leap, And We Bet You Didn’t Notice !

Do you know Google translate recently invented “its own language”?

I guess you don’t, isn’t it? I just lied to you. It didn’t actually invent its own language, but achieved a feat that can prove to be equally beneficial to them.

They introduced a concept known as “Zero Shot Translation”, something which lets the software translate between language pairs never seen before. For instance, if the software can translate between X and Y and between Y and Z languages, it can now do so between X and Z too.

What’s the big deal about it? We already know how poor Google Translate is at translating big sentences. And this innovation can prove to be a major leap.

Big news? Yes! Did it get the attention it deserved? I don’t think so.

This, and many other secrets of the big “G” are presented in the below infographic:

Google Secrets Infographic

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