How to Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed Upto 120% ?

Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed – In This Era of Internet, Everybody Want to Access High-Speed Internet on their Computers, Laptop, and Their Mobile Devices. So There is a Good news for Those People Because here now You can Easily Hack DNS For High-Speed Internet. It can Reduce your DNS Access time that Easily Catches your Request and Give you a Faster Response.

To Boost your internet speed there are many ways like some of recommending third party tool to optimize your TCP/IP architecture and all but Hack DNS for faster internet speed is one of the best ways to boost your internet speed because usually, slow internet is not a fault of your internet service provider. it is the fault of your DNS which use more time to processing your request so use alternative DNS will definitely boost your internet speed. You can also use this OpenDNS and Google DNS on your android smartphone. it is also working fine on any android mobile smartphone you just need to add below-given DNS addresses to boost your internet speed up to 100mbps.

What is DNS(Domain Name Server)?

DNS is basically a system which can convert name into IP Addresses like internet and computers is work on numbers and IP Addresses so computer will only understand IP Address so It is not possible to understand by humans like there are too many IP Addresses so DNS is introduced so humans can easily remember their domain from specific name like and DNS can convert that name into the corresponding IP Address and show you the right webpage that assiciate with taht IP. The Working of DNS is really simple you just need to understand the simple concept that how DNS can convert domain names into IP Addresses. best dns server for download speed

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Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed

On the Internet, There are many Ways to Getting Faster Internet Speed in Microsoft Windows. But Here am show you How DNS Hack can Increase your internet Speed. Sometimes people who experience slow Internet Browsing and Sometimes Lost Their Internet Connections too. It is Happens because of Bad DNS So in this Tricks, We can Switch your Default DNS to Google Public DNS that an improve your Internet Speed.

How can DNS Hack Boost your Internet Speed?

As I mention above that it is not a fault of your ISP instead of your Domain name server because many of time your ISP offer you a high-speed connection but your DNS response is very slow so it can’t handle your request so guys By using Alternatives or OpenDNS will give your the opportunity to use OpenDNS and experience like you hack internet speed which can help you to find high-speed DNS that can reply your request withing seconds and faster than your normal internet connection.

Additionally, OpenDNS provide you some great benefits like content filtering and it can protect your form phishing attacks and other types of hacking attacks. It can provide you high internet speed as well as extends your domain name server. Now that time OpenDNS is acquired by  Cisco company and not show any relevant ads when using Open DNS servers. Basically, this services is designed to use alternative DNS rather than using your ISP ‘s DNS. So I hope now you will understand why we recommend using OpenDNS instead of your Internet services provider’s DNS. how to increase internet speed by changing dns

Steps to Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed:

In these steps, we will cover that how you can optimize and use OpenDNS for faster internet speed and then you can access the fastre internet. You just need to follow these steps carefully and add below IP Address to your DNS Settings and save those settings and then you will experience that your internet speed is boosted.

  1. Go to Control Panel >> Network and Internet Option >> Network Sharing Center.
  2. Now Click on Internet Connection by Which you using the Internet and this Will Open your Internet Status.001-min
  3. Now go to Properties and Scroll Down and Double Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).002-min
  4. Now Property Box will Open and you see There is Option of DNS Servers Just Choose “Use the Following DNS Address” and Enter these Addresses                                       >> Preferred DNS server:
    >> Alternate DNS server:
  5. Now Time to Configure Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) again Repeat Previous Steps to Open DNS Properties and Enter These Addresses in DNS Fields.                                         >> Preferred DNS server: 2620:0:ccc::2
    >> Alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2004-min
  6. Click Ok and Save all DNS Settings and Time to Access the Faster Internet.
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Basically, In this tutorial, we use OpenDNS to use as an alternative DNS. Otherwise, there is also another option of Google DNS they will also provide an alternative DNS opportunity that you can use the domain name servers and get high-speed response from any web page. You can easily find Google DNS settings on the internet.

From Editor’s Desk:

Guys Above in “Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed” You can see these are a very Easy way to Getting Faster Internet Speed by DNS Hacking. It can Alos Fix some of the Error Related to Web Browsers Like “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” and “This web page is not Available”. So, Guys, I Recommended to Use These Google DNS to Access High-Speed Internet.

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