How to Ethically Hack Friend’s WhatsApp Account Via Computer ?

How to Hack WhatsApp Account

Hi Guys, Today I have a very interesting topic for you that is hack WhatsApp account with help of PC. Mostly people are searching in Google for WhatsApp hacking. Some people also text us for making the article on WhatsApp hacking so here we come with this article only for you guys. Most of the people say that hacking is not piece of cake.

Yes, they all are right who says hacking is not piece of cake but every website and App have their own weakness. So many people use phishing page for hacking someone id or password and other detail but now the time everyone knows about that type of tricks. We have lots of hacking tricks but as you know hacking is not legal so we always trying to give you all type of hacking tricks in a legal way. So here id the legal way to hack WhatsApp account.

We all are using Whatsapp on the phone but some people can’t afford the smart phone and they text us for using WhatsApp in PC. So there are so many ways to use WhatsApp account on PC but you have to need install software like nox, Bluestacks without these you can’t use WhatsApp in Pc. now, how you use WhatsApp account in PC without software? with our this WhatsApp hacking trick you will also learn how to use WhatsApp account in PC without any software but one condition you should be followed.

You can only use WhatsApp account which you already using in your phone, Its look like switching that means if you are busy on your PC or laptop and you can’t take your phone, again and again, that time you can switch your WhatsApp with your PC. In case you doing some project work in the phone and you need your WhatsApp also that type of situations irritates us and it also wastes of time but your all problem ends now. Below we try our best to teach you how to hack WhatsApp account in very easy step, hope you will understand.

Term and conditions to Hack WhatsApp Account:

As you, all know about terms and conditions. Every site, app, company and other things have their own terms and conditions. For this hacking tricks, you have to follow this terms and conditions.

  1. Your Pc and victim phone must be connected to the same network. without this, you can’t read their messages.
  2. You have to take victim phone for few minutes.
  3. After doing first two steps you will use victim’s phone when he/she connected to your network.
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Note – If he/she re-install his WhatsApp then you can’t use his/her WhatsApp app account.

How to Hack Whatsapp Account with PC:

  1. Firstly open chrome browser or any other browser and type web.whatsapp.comHow to Hack WhatsApp Account
  2. Now take the victim’s phone for few mint and open their WhatsApp.
  3. Go to victim WhatsApp Menu >> Whatsapp Web.2
  4. Scan QR code which you are open in the first step.3
  5. You Done, Now you use victim WhatsApp on you PC.


This is the easiest way to use someone’s WhatsApp account on PC. After doing all step you will easily read victim chat, contacts, and new chat updates also. In case you face any problem regarding this article, feel free and comment on below comment section. Thank you so much for visit our site hope you liked this article and please like our Facebook page or other social media sites for more updates.