How to Hide/Unhide WhatsApp Chat and Conversations ?

Are you tired of your annoying friends… Trying to read all your personal conversations in WhatsApp? Then, You must be looking for something like ‘How to Hide WhatsApp Chats?‘ And, You are at the right place. Today in this article – I’m going to talk about a very simple and easy to understand technique to Hide Whatsapp chats. You just need to follow these simple steps and you are ready to go. Many of people looking for how to hide chat in whatsapp without archive but there is no way or app to hide chat like this

Most of the time you can delete the conversation after the chat. But, in some cases, you need to keep the chat – as it includes some important information. So, in that case – You are running around with your phone – so, that no one else can see the information and also the data will be protected from others. But, you can’t run around the whole life. You need to find some solid solution to your problem. And, here in this article – we are going to discuss that solution. Let’s have a look at it. how to hide WhatsApp chat without archive in android

Steps to Hide WhatsApp Chats / Conversations from others

How to Hide/Unhide WhatsApp Chat and Conversations ?
How to Hide/Unhide WhatsApp Chat and Conversations?

We are going to use the inbuilt functionality of Whatsapp for fulfilling our purpose. Almost all the versions of Whatsapp has these feature. But, If you don’t find it… please update your current version of Whatsapp to the latest one.

  1. Open Whatsapp &  Tap + Hold on the conversation you want to Hide.
  2. You’ll see an Archive Icon on the top of the Menubar. (as in the image below)

    How to Hide WhatsApp Chat
    How to Hide WhatsApp Chat
  3. You can select either one or more than one chats to hide them into single or multiple archives.
  4. That’s all about protecting your privacy.

Steps to Unhide WhatsApp Chats / Conversations

Getting back the hidden Chat is not a rocket science. You can simply get back your data – using the similar method used to Hide it. All you need to do is to follow me throughout the tutorial. Let’s have a closer look.

  1. Open Whatsapp application and Now, You’ll see an icon on the top saying… Archived Chats (3).
  2. Tap on it. And, you’ll see all your private conversations.

    How to Hide/Unhide WhatsApp Chat
    How to Hide/Unhide WhatsApp Chat
  3. And, select the chats you want to unhide.
  4. Click on the archived Icon again.
  5. Boooom! Your Chats are again working as normal as before.
  6. That’s all you need to do to get back your data.

So, Was it too much difficult? I don’t think so… But, I must say – this method will clearly add a protective layer to your important conversations. And, I hope you’ll use it for your purposes. And, this method will help you against annoying friends. But, the best advice – I can give is to avoid such friends. Who are not mature enough to understand other’s privacy.

From the Editor’s Desk

In this last phase of the article – I just want to say one thing that – I hope you’ll like this article about Hiding / Unhiding Whatsapp conversations. If you are in doubt about any step or want to suggest something. Please feel free to comment below in the comment field. I’ll definitely try to help you out with your query. Thanks for your time.

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