Highest Paying Jobs in the World of Technology That You Must Aspire to

the World of Technology

Have you been gearing yourself all year to enter the world of technology as a salaried employee? Has this year been spent trying to master proper computer programming languages that will get you highly salaried positions in the world of technology and software development? Then, it is indeed perfect timing for you as this article, written jointly with Liontips, will provide the best guide out there if you have made up your mind regarding the job as an IT professional. 

It is admittedly one of the best times for you to enter the world of IT as a professional because businesses all over the world now want several software professionals in their employ as they have finally realised the need for collecting and analysing data in order to increase their customer base in a fruitful way. 

The following are some of the most high paying jobs available in the IT sector which you can try out for:

  • Data Scientist: For any business or organisation in the present world, data collection and the consequent identification and analysis of that data is a very significant function in the world of technology or IT. Therefore, the job of a data scientist is very important for almost all businesses now. To be a data scientist, you need to have proper knowledge in the fields of machine learning, deep learning, deep visualisation, mathematics, computer science and so on. 

So, what can you expect from this job as a data scientist? Well, your job specifications will include creating data models, knowing computer programming languages such as Python, understanding and being able to analyse machine learning data and finding out business problems to provide solutions. 

Salary: $150,000 per year 

  • Big Data Architect: There are almost 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being produced by users every single day. But, without a Big Data Architect, all this data that gets produced would be absolutely useless. Therefore, almost 98% of the businesses that need all this data would need someone to identify and analyse all this data and then also consequently interpret them.
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As a Big Data Architect, your job description includes planning, designing, and taking proper care of the massive scale of deployments of Big Data applications from the beginning right to the end. What you need to know as a Big Data Scientist includes computer programming skills, communication skills and data visualisations capabilities. 

Salary: $140,000 per year 

  • Software Architect: One of the most highly paid and challenging jobs there is, being a software architect will always bode well for you in the world of technology. The job specifications of a software architect include looking after the design of a particular software and developing the basis of all the coding, tools and so on related to a business. What you need to know in order to make it big as a software architect include knowing the ins and outs of software architecture, being a master of more than one computer programming language, having great software analysis parameters and knowing data modelling. 

Salary: $114,000 per year 

  • Blockchain Engineer: A blockchain engineer is an IT official who is not only a software architect but also someone who is well versed in the financial world, especially that of cryptocurrency. A blockchain engineer needs to know almost everything about the blockchain technology that goes into creating cryptocurrency models such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so on. A good understanding of Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, R3 and so on is a necessity if you want to be a Blockchain Engineer. Knowing several kinds of programming languages, security protocol stacks, crypto libraries and so on is also beneficial to anyone who wants to enter this particular IT field. 

Salary: $110,00 per year 

Other well paying jobs in the IT sector that you need to know about include Artificial Intelligence Architect, Cloud Architect, Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer, Product Manager and so on. All of these jobs in the IT sector are not only great as payment options, but also challenging and fulfilling for those who have spent most of their lives behind the computer screen.

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So, now that you know the highest paying jobs in the world of IT, go ahead and prepare for all of them as soon as possible.