Honey Chrome Extension Explained – Real or Scam?

Honey Chrome Extension Explained - Real or Scam?
Honey Chrome Extension Explained - Real or Scam?

Honey Chrome Extension Explained – Real or Scam? Many people like to keep their Chrome extension box to a bare minimum. This is because when you try to clutter up more and more browser extensions, it either becomes very buggy or ugly. Furthermore, it also takes much space from the URL bar. Today in their article we are going to discuss about a new chrome extension name Honey Chrome Extension App Review. I normally don’t use such extensions in my browser, but Honey Chrome extension was a different one among others because it helps you to save money! Without further wait, let’s see what Honey Chrome extension is and what it does. honey chrome extension scam?

What is Honey Chrome Extension ? Is This Real or Scam?

Honey is a chrome extension which applies discount coupons and promo codes in order to save money and get the best deal possible. It automatically saves up promo codes, discount coupons, vouchers etc. for your favourite shopping sites. The best part about Honey chrome extension is that it’s fully automotive. Just one click on your check out page, and it will try all the promo codes to get the max discount possible. honey chrome extension scam

Sure, Honey chrome extension won’t save you 50% on your every purchase, but it will definitely save around 1-10% of your cash on every purchase. Also, it works even great in the holiday season as there are a lot of promo and discounts available on shopping sites which you take full advantage of it if you have installed Honey chrome extension.

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Honey Chrome Extension Explained - Real or Scam?
Honey Chrome Extension Explained – Real or Scam?

Before going further in our review of Honey chrome extension, we would like to tell you that its available for Safari and Mozilla Firefox. So, if you’re not using Google Chrome then its totally fine: Honey has got your covered 🙂

Show Me The Honey!!

Honey is a new startup, and it already has more than 5 million happy users who are saving money every day! It started as a simple voucher and promo code extension. However, with the passage of time, developers of honey stepped up their game and how you can also use it to track your orders, manager orders and check how much money you have saved yet. It is a truly incredible extension if you want to save some buck. And who doesn’t want to save money ??

After installing the Honey chrome extension, it will appear a small yellow square icon in your extension bar. It will glow yellow when you are shopping online, Say Amazon or Aliexpress. So you can access the best deals by clicking on Honey icon. Click on any of the deals which you are interested in. Wait, did we told you that you need to sign up with Honey in order to take full advantage of Honey chrome extension? After you install Honey chrome extension, you will be redirected to sign up for a honey account. Don’t worry as its completely free and you will also get 50 Honey gold which you later redeem to shop for your favourite brands online. You can sign up via your email or also with your Facebook account if you wish to.

Honey Chrome Extension Explained - Real or Scam?
Honey Chrome Extension Explained – Real or Scam?

Another great feature of honey chrome extension is its drop list. Let’s say you want to buy a product. All you have to do is to add the product to your Drop list and set the monitor for 30, 60 or 90 days. It will monitor the price for you and will send you an alert mail about the discounted price for the product. honey app reviews 2017

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Honey also works on travelling and ticket booking sites. If you’re planning to go travelling than this extension is a must. You can save some serious money on Air tickets, train tickets, hotel booking etc. It will look for deals and vouchers for flights, hotels, cabs, transport, restaurants etc.

How To Use Honey Chrome Extension

Honey Chrome Extension Explained - Real or Scam?
Honey Chrome Extension Explained – Real or Scam?

Using Honey is very easy, and that’s why it is so popular. All you have to do is install the extension. After installing the extension, simply shop for your products online as you used to do before. Meanwhile Honey will keep a track of all possible gift codes, vouchers and deals for that particular website. And when you finally decide to buy something, click on the honey extension. A popup will appear which will try to use all the discount codes. It usually takes around 30 seconds, and it will show you the best price available. then you have to press the buy button, and that’s all. Easy, isn’t it?

Be Aware When Using Honey Chrome Extension

Its been found that honey extension doesn’t work properly when some adblockers are active. When adblockers are active, honey will not be able to fetch the latest discount codes and vouchers. So if the honey extension is not working properly for you then try disabling your adblocker. honey app reviews 2018

In a nutshell, honey is a great chrome extension which you can use to save up some buck pretty easily. Its very lightweight so it doesn’t interfere with other programs and takes very less amount of ram while processing gift codes and discount coupons.

Do you use the Honey Chrome extension? Saved much money? Tell us about your experiences below!

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