How Much Paypal Charges Per Transaction in India?

How Much Paypal Charges Per Transaction in India
How Much Paypal Charges Per Transaction in India

Are you looking for the way to find out the PayPal policies in India? How much PayPal charges per transaction in India? Then, my dear friend you are in the right place. Because, Today I am going to talk about some of the policies that people follow while charging their customers in India for the transaction. So, this is going to be very useful when you know how much paper will charge you for the transaction in India. Grab your cup of coffee and sit tight because we are going on a journey. Let’s have a look at it.

How Much Paypal Charges Per Transaction in India
How Much Paypal Charges Per Transaction in India

Paypal Charges Per Transaction in India

Policies of PayPal may change with time. So if you are reading this article after a long time when I have published it. then, there are some chances that these policies are changed. Or if you find this article outdated or misleading then please make a comment below so we can make it better for the next time. Let’s have a look at them.

How much PayPal charge per transaction in India?

You will need to pay and the approximate amount of 4.4% over the transaction amount. and, a fixed fee of $0.3. Suppose you have X USD in your account and you want to share it. So, You need to follow the following method/formula to find the amount that will be deducted as the fee.

So, 4.4% of is 0.44x USD.
And, Addition of Fixed Fee of 0.3 USD. = Total Current Fee: 0.44x+0.3
Also, Addition of 18% GST (
On current fee)= 0.18*(0.44x+0.3)

So, Amount received = x – (0.18*(0.44x+0.3))
= x – (0.0792x + 0.054)
= 0.9208x + 0.054 (Final Equation)

So, Let’s suppose you are transferring 100 USD – then, putting 100 in the above-calculated equation will give you = 92.134 USD (Approx)

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So, at the end of this article – I hope that this article about the Paypal’s Per transaction charges in India Will help you in solving your problem. And I Hope that you have understood the process of fee charges that pay pal follows for the customers. If you have any doubt or you want to share your own experience of Paypal. Then, you are welcome in the comments. Thanks for time and faith. I will see you in the next article.