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How Sports Will Look Like In The Future

Nowadays, science makes so many leaps every month that some of the daring dreams of science-fiction writers and filmmakers could come true very shortly. Of course, some of these writers have painted for us a not-so-great future if technology advances too quickly. However, let us enjoy the moment and dream.

VR Tournaments

Metareality is upon us, and nothing can stop it. All that remains is to look for the upside for ourselves. Giant corporations will finally realize that this is not just a toy but a way for them to make money and will be able to provide licenses for their IPs.

Just imagine the first Olympic Games in virtual reality. The first discipline: laser sword fighting. Maxime Pauty and Timur Safin replicate the Tokyo 2020 fencing final when it was difficult to determine the favourites even with odds on Bet.co.za, and a handy review at bookmaker-ratings.com/review/bet-co-za-bookmaker-review-rules-support-sign-up-free-bets-site. Athletes wear Master Yoda and Darth Vader skins in VR instead of protective masks. Good and evil, student and teacher. Fans watch online in comfort. Insane ratings. Who will win?

Robot football

Another controversy in the Premier League over the postponement of matches because of Covid made one wonder: whose health is safe to sacrifice? The answer lay on the surface with sbobet.

Those who are older will probably remember the show “Robot Wars.” It was the TV version of a show that ran in the US and UK in the nineties. Bloodthirsty machines, controlled by humans at a distance, were tested for one purpose: to survive themselves and destroy others.

The idea of intelligent robots still appeals to people to this day. Boston Dynamics creates a smart “dog” that people could probably train to play any sport it wants. Ameca recently showed an android with mimicry so realistic it’s scary. If their work is combined, it will make the perfect athlete able to play at any time of the day or night. 

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But the opponents of such “fake” sport always outnumber the supporters. In this case, to be different, you can add elements that are forbidden to humans: infringements, rudeness. Add some “Thunderdome” to such football. There might be a morality issue, but it’s only a suggestion and should be seen that way.

Esport is the only sport

It’s hard to believe this shift in fans’ attention from the players on the green lawn to those sitting behind their monitors. Especially when Forbes estimates the brand value of the most expensive esports teams to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and the top ten sports teams in the world are all worth $4-5 billion.

But the Tik-Tok generation wants more highlights per second, which no NFL game with constant stops and pauses will be able to provide. Esports are fast, engaging, vivid, and accessible: the final of one of the most significant events of the year, “The International,” could be watched on Twitch or Youtube. The “Super Bowl” does not offer this possibility and is not always freely available outside the USA. Broadcasts of this expensive event are not often purchased by local channels, especially if it takes place at night due to time zones.

Also, the entry threshold for training and finding a club in the esport is much lower for young people. Psychologically, the fear of rejection is fewer as the initial selection takes place online, and skills are easier to show this way.

We don’t rule out football, basketball, and other options, but we are almost sure that esport is the future.