How to Access Someone’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

access Someone's Snapchat

Snapchat is a messaging app where you can share photos and videos with your friends. The app is popular among teenagers and young adults because the messages disappear after a few seconds.

There may be a lot of reasons why you may want to log in to someone’s Snapchat account. Maybe you’re a parent, and you want to keep an eye on your child’s messages, or maybe you’re a spouse who wishes to know what your partner is doing on Snapchat.

Whatever the case, here are a few ways that may help log in to someone’s Snapchat account without them knowing.

Spy Apps

The easiest way to gain access to someone’s Snapchat is by using a spy app. Such software allows you to monitor another person’s activities – including Snapchat – without their knowledge. With spy apps, you can see the person’s snaps, messages, texts, and calls.

While Snapchat is a great way of staying in touch with people, it can also be used to exchange explicit photos and messages. If you have suspicions that your spouse or child might be using Snapchat for sexting purposes, you can easily use a spy app to monitor their activities on the messaging platform.

There are lots of apps available that can help you spy on someone’s Snapchat account. Some can be downloaded for free, while others need to be paid for. In most cases, the latter is a better option, as these usually offer more features and have no limitations.

Since these apps operate in secret mode, they’re not going to alert anyone when they’re installed. The user is usually not aware that an app has been installed onto their device.

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If your child or husband is not giving you up-to-date and truthful information about their activities, a spy app might be the answer to your problems.

Use Their Phone Number and Email Address

The first way is to use the person’s phone number and email address. When you create a Snapchat account, you are asked to provide your phone number and email address. If you know these details, you can log in to someone’s account by going to the website and entering their phone number or email address.

Once you have entered the information, Snapchat will send a verification code to the person’s phone number or email address. Once the code was sent, you need to grab their phone and enter it on the website to log in to their account.


To get access to someone’s Snapchat account, you can also use phishing. Phishing is a technique used to get personal information such as passwords and usernames by pretending to be a trustworthy company or individual.

In order to phish someone’s Snapchat account, you will need to send an email that looks like it’s from Snapchat. The email will ask the person to click on a link, which will take them to a website where they are asked to enter their username and password. Once the person enters their information, you will have access to their account.


Another way to log in to someone’s Snapchat account is by using a keylogger. A keylogger is a program that records the keys that are typed on a device.

If you want to use a keylogger to get access to someone’s Snapchat account, you will need to install the keylogger on their phone. Once it’s installed, the keylogger will record all of the keys that are typed, including usernames and passwords.

You can then access the information recorded by the keylogger and use it to log in to the person’s Snapchat account.

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Social Engineering

Social engineering is another way to get access to someone’s Snapchat account. Social engineering is the process of manipulating people into giving away confidential information.

One way to do this is by pretending to be someone else. For example, you could call the person and pretend to be their bank or an IT technician.

Brute Force Attack

A brute force attack is another way to get access to someone’s Snapchat account. A brute force attack is where an attacker will try every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols until they find the correct password.

A common way to do this is by using a program that tries to guess the password for a Snapchat account based on the most common passwords. There are websites online that have lots of lists of common passwords that people use, so it can take less time if you use one of these sites.

Malicious Software

To get access to someone’s Snapchat account, you could also hide malicious software in a seemingly innocent-looking email or file download link. When someone clicks on this, they will allow you access to their device without even knowing it. If this device contains information about their accounts,  it might be possible to get into those accounts without having to guess the password.

Other Ways to Get Into Someone’s Snapchat Account

There are other ways that you might be able to get into someone else’s Snapchat account. For example, if they have shared their login details with you before, it might be possible for you to log in without them even knowing about it because the device would think it is still them when they try to access the account. Likewise, if they share their password with someone else for any reason – even if they do so in good faith – you could use this way of logging in too.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are looking for ways to get into someone else’s Snapchat account, either by hacking it or otherwise, there are several methods you can use. None of them is particularly difficult, but each has its own degree of difficulty, so you will have to consider this when selecting the best way forward.

If none of these appeal to you personally, don’t give up just yet because there are other ways that work too. Although they may be more laborious than the ones detailed above, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are less effective – simply different. And with that being the case, all your options are worth exploring before giving up on trying to gain access to someone else’s Snapchat account!