How to become CCDE?

CCDE is a Cisco Certified Design Expert program. This program is an expert-level networking program that is designed for engineers and professional IT infrastructure teams. The expert-level architecture teams have certain roles. They have to do certain jobs that require them to manage budget, translate business requirements, and do certain operational processes to better design and find relevant solutions.

The CCDE programs prepare the designers to develop certain solutions. The solutions are according to the customer’s needs. Networking engineers have to hold a certain CCDE certification so that they might be recognized as experts. The programs are designed to make the engineers the most technical workers. You can visit the website and get SPOTO ccde written exam dumps free online.

People can make their careers as experts when they take part in CCDE and several other certifications. The CCDE programs are tough, and not everyone can do them. Therefore, the candidates have to pass through several theoretical and lab exams for their proper assessment.  

Written exam in CCDE

There is a written exam in CCDE. This written exam is a two-hour-long exam. This exam covers different networking designs in tunneling, routing, management, capacity, cost, security, and quality of service. The candidate has to pass this written exam to make himself eligible to schedule the practical exam. 

Practical exam in CCDE

There is a practical exam after the candidate passes the theoretical exam. The practical exam is conducted to check the caliber of the candidates. Their ability to analyze, justify, design, and implement are checked based on the CCDE practical exam. Only the candidates who have passed the written CCDE exam can qualify for CCDE practical exam. There are no requirements or professional training required for CCDE.


CCDE or Cisco Certified Design Expert certifications have a validity of two years. After two years, the CCDE certification is expired. A person has to apply for CCDE recertification. There are the following ways used for recertification.

  1. Candidates have to pass any current CCIE lab exam or written exam.
  2. Candidates have to pass a CCDE practical or CCDE written exam.
  3. Candidates have to pass the CCAr interview and CCAr board review for recertification.
  4. The candidates can apply for a written exam for recertification after every two years. The candidates have to wait for five days for written tests. CCDE and CCIE professionals do not pass a lab exam or qualifying exam before they have a recertification deadline.
  5. Those candidates and professionals that are suspended from CCDE and CCIE professionals have a one-year written or lab exam; otherwise, the expert level certification becomes inactive. Inactive CCDE and CCIE have lost their benefits, and they have to pass CCDE and CCIE practical and written exams. 
  6. Recertifying and achieving CCDE extent the activity of CCDE professionals. When a higher-level certification is used to extend the certifications, the expiration dates of the rest of the certifications are also extended.

Deadlines and recertification verification

You can log in at Certification status to check the recertification deadlines. Subsequent and frequent recertification deadlines are according to the original certification date and not on the last recertification exam. Get the rest of the information at

The bottom line

The points mentioned above are some of the most important things to know about CCDE. A person has to go through the points mentioned above to become a CCDE. Becoming a CCDE requires the candidates to pass CCDE wrote and CCDE practical exams.

After passing CCDE written exams, a candidate can qualify for CCDE practical exam. Therefore, in this way, he can become a successful CCDE. Becoming a CCDE has a lot of benefits, and a CCDE is responsible for a wide range of responsibilities. 

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