How to Bypass Screen Lock On Galaxy S9 ?

How to Bypass Screen Lock On Galaxy S9 ?
How to Bypass Screen Lock On Galaxy S9 ?

Want to Know How to Bypass Screen Lock On Galaxy S9 ? So here is the detailed article about Samsung Galaxy S9 Lock Screen Bypass Step by Step.

We all know the name of the Galaxy in the Smartphone market. Basically, Samsung has launched their all the smartphones in the name of a Samsung Galaxy. In this article, we will talk about to Bypass Screen Lock On Galaxy S9 which comes with Oreo 8.0 android version. This android version (Oreo 8.0) is one if the best secure OS (Operating System). And as we discuss above that Samsung has this android version straight out of the box which makes it a secure device. A few months back this phone was launched and it’s become very popular just because of its outstanding features.

All the Samsung Galaxy S series got a huge success in the global market. The latest phone in the Samsung Galaxy s series is Galaxy S9. And this article is all about this phone where we will discuss how to bypass screen lock of this Galaxy S9 phone. Read this article properly and you’ll defiantly know that what you have to do when you forget the pin or pattern lock of this Galaxy S9 phone.

How to Bypass Screen Lock On Galaxy S9 ?
How to Bypass Screen Lock On Galaxy S9 ? ( IC – )

This Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a very powerful processor which is Snapdragon 845 and it has 4 GB Ram and the 5.8-inch display that means you can run multiple apps and high graphics games on this Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. If we talk about their internal storage then you’ll be happy that S9 comes with 64 GB storage and you can be expanded up to 400 GB. Samsung Galaxy s9 has provided us with a very good battery backup which is 3000mah.

If you are using your social media accounts, emails, on this phone then you don’t have to worry about our data because if your phone has been secured by a screen lock, no one can leak your data. You can also install and use your baking app on this phone.

Steps to fix – Forget Galaxy S9 Pattern, Pin and Password

Have you set up the screen lock on galaxy s9 and you have forgotten the password then that is the very annoying thing which happens sometimes. But android gives you a way to unlock the device when you forgot the password of the device. We have provided you two different ways to unlock the password, pin or pattern of your Galaxy s9. So do check out that what are the three ways to unlock the device.

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#1: Google Find My Device Feature

If you have used play store or any app then you have connected your Google account to your phone. If yes, then this method will very helpful to you. So let’s check how you can unlock your device with your Google account.

  1. Go to the browser on your computer or laptop and open find my device website.
  2. Now login with you’re that Google account which you have connected to your phone.
  3. After that, you will see your device, you just need to click on it.
  4. Look for the lock option and click on it.
  5. Enter the new Password.
  6. Now connect your device with internet through wifi or mobile data and enter the new password to unlock your device.

#2: Samsung Find My Mobile Feature

This feature is just like the first one. On every Samsung phone, there is an option where you set up a Samsung account on the phone. If you have set up then continue this method, if not then skip this method.

  1. Open the Find my Mobile website and the link of the site is FindMyPhone
  2. Now log in with Samsung account which you had created when you first start your phone.
  3. When you have successfully logged in on the Samsung account, click on unlock my mobile option which you will get on the right side.
  4. Now make sure you should connect your Smartphone to the internet either via WIFI or via mobile data.
  5. Type Samsung account password on the password section and unlock your device.

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