How To Change Serial Number of Your Android Mobile ? (Xposed Module)

Change Serial Number Of Your Android: Sometimes, while accessing the internet or Doing some private data digging on the web. You don’t want to leak your confidential personal details to the search engines or other tracking services. Thus, In the name of Private data security.

Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite method to hide your Android device’s Identity. You can easily Change Serial Number Of Your Android just within few steps. You can also change IMEI Number with the Xposed framework with this tutorial and do much more stuff with the Xposed framework. This framework is really gonna help you in saving your time tremendously. You must try it once.

Protecting your private information from being used against your own will is a topic. As Almost all of the big fishes of the internet marking satisfies their users for the protection of their data. But, Reality is – Your stored information can be asked anytime from them legally. This makes our protection much more vulnerable. Thus, Saving your own information is in your hands. You can do so by hiding or mask your original information by dummy or false information.

How To Change Serial Number Of Your Android
How To Change Serial Number Of Your Android

And, a serial number of the device is one of that sensitive information. You can set your custom Serial Number of Your android device. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps. And, you are ready to go. This Method will allow you to hide your Serial number over the network and other servers in use. So, Without wasting any time. Let’s have a look at the method.

Change Serial Number Of Your Android

We are going to use a simple android installer, which will allow the user to change their Serial number. But, For this article, I’m assuming that Your android is already rooted and can allow the high access to the installer. If Your phone is not rooted yet. You can root it simply following out this article Root Your Android Smartphones.

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Steps for Changing Serial Number of Android Device

For the sake of understanding and simplicity, I’ve converted the procedure into simple steps. So, Sit tight and keep following me. The Following steps will help you out in changing the Serial number of your device.

  1. Install the Xposed Installer on your Android Device. Allow it the highest privileges. i.e. Root.

    Change Serial Number of Your Android Mobile
    Change Serial Number of Your Android Mobile
  2. Now, Switch to Modules, Search for the ‘Serial Number Changer‘.Change Serial Number of Your Android Mobile
  3. Simply reboot once to install the app properly.
  4. Now, open the Module and Give it Root Access.Change Serial Number of Your Android Mobile
  5. Fill the desired Serial Number Characters. And, The program will mask your original Serial number with the Fake one.
  6. After Applying the Changes. Just, Reboot once more.
  7. And, You are Done. With changing Serial Number of your device.

So, How was it? As Smooth as cutting Butter with Knife. Yeah! It was a process. That is why, I hope – you’ll like my this article about the How To Change Serial Number Of Your Android. If You still have any doubt or want to add something in the article. Please feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to Help you out. Thanks for your time.