How to Choose and Use a Wireless Charger for Your Phone

Use a Wireless Charger

How did we live before without phones, how did we get acquainted and make appointments, how did we relax without placing bets on 20Bet apk on the go, how did we conduct business without Notion? However, there are several disadvantages to smartphones. Phones get stolen all the time, and sometimes they get lost. And often they run out of power at inopportune moments. so Use a Wireless Charger 

To keep your phone from disappearing into the unknown, you need to be more careful. And to keep it charged, you’ll need a charger. And it makes sense to get a wireless charger right away.

How Wireless Charging Works

Wireless charging works on the principle of energy transfer by magnetic fields. For a long time, wireless charging was considered science fiction, but it’s become a reality these days.

The transmission of electricity without wires is possible due to the magnetic fields of the transmitter and the receiver. Two coils (one in the phone, the other in the charging station), when current is applied, form the very field through which electricity is transmitted. We put the phone on a special platform, and it starts charging. Wires are no longer needed.

Not every phone can be charged this way. Wireless charging requires a Qi module or similar, which works as a receiver of electricity. Such a module can be found in the latest smartphones.

If your phone isn’t equipped with the technology for wireless charging, buy a case with a built-in module-receiver. However, such cases have compatibility with certain phones.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Charging

You don’t need unnecessary wires in your home. Wireless charging will increase your chances of not getting tangled up in cords. This kind of charging is essential for office work when you have to be on the hot line all the time.

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It’s a great gadget to use while charging your phone in the car. It’s not easy to find the jack on the go. Wireless charging in the car isn’t an unnecessary device.

The disadvantage of wireless charging is that this process heats up the phone a lot. The heat is bad for the phone’s battery. The speed of charging can cause displeasure, a wired charger will cope faster.

How to Choose a Wireless Charger

Buying a wireless charger, decide on the standard right away. There are Qi and PMA standards. They are almost the same, with a slight difference in AC power. Some phones support both of these standards, but in most cases, you have to decide with one.

Pay attention to the charging time. With wireless devices, this time isn’t insignificant by definition. But if your phone takes more than four hours to charge, it makes sense to look for a faster device.

Pay attention to the features of some models. You can buy a battery charger with a mat, which allows you to charge several gadgets at once. You can find chargers with two working platforms.

What Kind of Power Adapter Is Suitable for Wireless Charging?

Wireless chargers often don’t come with the power adapter you need for proper charging.

Each charger has a different power standard. The Qi format is designed for 5 volts of power. The power is worth finding out in advance from the seller. The adapter can deviate from this figure only slightly. In the case of Qi, this deviation can be from 4.5 to 5.2 volts. With a larger deviation you risk burning the device.

The cost of the charger and its brand affiliation are important. Budget models are more vulnerable to differences in the adapter power from the power of the charger itself.

Is It Worth Buying an Inexpensive Charger?

It is better to stay with the original models. And here’s why.


A bad charger can destroy your phone’s battery. The reason for this is the mismatch of the required power. In cheap chargers, it can be not specified or specified incorrectly.

It’s a bad charger that often causes short circuits, and this is dangerous not only for the phone, but also for your home.

If you have a large family and everyone has a smartphone, there is confusion about chargers. You can buy a universal wireless set to charge multiple devices at once.

How to Use a Wireless Charger 

The process of charging from a wireless device isn’t a simple matter. But there are some rules to keep in mind.

Your phone may simply not respond to an attempt to charge it from a wireless base. If this is the case, check to see if wireless charging is enabled in your phone‘s options.

It’s a good idea to turn the phone off beforehand. Many models don’t automatically stop the magnetic field when charging is finished – you will be wasting power.

For fast charging, the phone should be placed in the center of the charging base, where the magnetic field will work more efficiently. If you want to place the phone in a different location than the center of the base, the manufacturer usually warns about this in the instructions.

To avoid damaging the battery, in some cases, you need to limit the battery charge to 80%. Not all bases heat up the phone, but some do.

After all, wireless charging is far from perfect. You need to consider a lot of nuances and correctly choose the accompanying devices, such as a network adapter. But people who have tried the wireless charging method don’t go back to the old-fashioned cords. And that’s saying a lot.