How to Create a Travel Blog Name ?

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How many times do think about the name of your blog? And how many times do you find it bad or inconsistent? Maybe you’re at the beginning of your blogging journey and still haven’t chosen the name for your site. This is normal; we’ve all been there. In this article, I will explain how to choose the right name for your project. You will find useful tips for one of the most important elements of an online business.

How to create a great name for a travel blog

On the web, people’s attention levels are very low. You have only a few seconds to convince a visitor to click on your site.

It’s important that visitors immediately understand the topic of your blog. Is this a fundamental rule? No, absolutely not. There are many examples of brands whose titles do not necessarily reflect their business. However, we’ll get to that.

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I personally spent more time finding the right name for my projects than I did writing articles. That’s because I was wrong in my approach to this problem.

Would you like to talk about family trips? Or maybe you’ll be writing about adventure trips or exotic trips. The travel sector has many niches. Therefore, before deciding on your blog’s name, it’s essential to analyze and properly understand your business.

Who is your future audience?

The first step in creating a travel blog name is to study your audience. What exactly do I mean? Choose whom you want to talk to and how you want to do it.

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Here are characteristics of your potential audience:

  • Male or female?
  • Travel alone or in pairs?
  • Do they have children?
  • In what country do they live?
  • Business travellers or tourists?
  • What needs can you meet?
  • Why should visitors read your site?

If you want to learn more about how to create a blog name, click on the link.

Brainstorm to choose a recognizable blog name

You may have some doubts about the best way to move forward. Brainstorming will help you clear your mind.

Take your time to evaluate the various options. Identify the words related to the concept you have in mind.

A good technique is to use tools like Enter a word and see what users are looking for.

You probably already have a smaller circle of ideas on which to focus. Write down all the words that come to mind. We will then develop the idea more concretely.

Take inspiration from competitors

You’ve often read that you should never copy your competitors. And that’s correct. In this phase, however, it is useful to find inspiration for your travel blog name. Inspiration doesn’t mean copying or modifying a brand. A short search in your field will help you discover original ideas from which to take inspiration, as well as what not to use!

There are several free tools to find and analyze competitors:

  • SemRush
  •  SimilarWeb
  •  Compete
  •  Trackmaven

Organize your search

Open a worksheet on your computer and write down all the words that come to mind. They must represent your blog. Don’t worry if you have several ideas; write down everything.

In front of you now is a sheet with an endless list of words. Organize everything according to importance. Start with the main word and search for synonyms. Use a good dictionary or consider translating the word into another language.

Mix and match the words

One of the most used solutions is playing with letters. I’m not talking about changing the names of famous brands. However, if your chosen name is already in use, this solution might help.

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Have you ever heard of the term “blending”? It’s a linguistic technique involving mixing two or more words:

  •    Combine the beginning and the end of two words (sportscast = sports and broadcast).
  •    Merge the beginning of two words (sitcom = situation and comedy).
  •    Mix two words according to a sound agreement (Californication = California and fornication).

You could also use a tool like Unique-Names or Name Acronym, which is probably better known than the first tool.

Research your list of possible blog names to find the best one

Now comes the most difficult part: finding the right word in your list. Surely, there will be some terms that are not suitable for the blog.

Use these tips:

  •    Avoid trends; an evergreen term is valuable.
  •    Don’t think about the EES. Of course, a keyword may help, but it is not fundamental.
  •    Point to something that will be your brand.
  •    The name must be easily pronounced.
  •    Imagine the name and logo printed and the effect it creates.
  •    The name must fit your long-term vision for your brand

Be unique

As we have seen so far, selecting a name is not easy. The goal is to create something unique.

Irony is a good strategy; it attracts attention and excites your audience. However, you will have to use the same strategy in your articles as well.

The important thing is that the name is original but consistent with your business.

Be short

Think of a name that is clear, short, and incisive. These are three important travel blog name suggestions.

The name should be effective without the use of double entendres or wordplay that only you understand. From experience, I can assure you that simplicity is the best solution.

Be memorable (Consider brandable names)

If I say Nike, what do you think about?

You should understand the importance of having a name that is attractive but also traceable to a brand.

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Choosing a name linked to a logo is important. You could play with Freepik and find an image that ties to your name.

Domain checker – check if your domain is free

The most important step is to check on whether your domain is free. You may come up with a name, then find that you’re unable to register it because it has already been taken.

Then consider the importance of registering your name on social networks. Don’t underestimate this aspect.

Check your domain using these tools:

  •    Domainr allows you to find extensions other than .com.
  •    Namecheck allows you to also check on social media networks.

If you are not satisfied with these tools, simply type “domain checker” into your search engine; you will find hundreds that are available.

Blog Name Generator Tools

You probably wanted to read this part at the beginning of the article. For many people, a travel blog name generator is the first source they rely on. These tools can help you save time.

The main tools are:

  •    Bustaname: Start with a simple word to see other ideas.
  •    Nameboy: Enter a description and you will get a list of possible names.
  •    Wordoid: Fifteen letters are available; it takes care of the rest.
  •    Panabee: Describe your idea in two words and you will get a list of terms.

However, don’t rely solely on automatic blog name generator tools. Self-created domains are usually better.

What is the best way to create a travel blog name?

There is no single better or worse way to create a travel blog name. Some people prefer to write their ideas on a sheet of paper while others prefer to use tools. The only goal is to create something that you feel is yours. Which method did you choose?