How to Find / Trace a Lost iPhone, iPad or Mac ?

How to Find / Trace a Lost iPhone, iPad or Mac

Find a lost iPhone, iPad or Mac even when the battery runs out: It can’t be just me who gets a mini heart attack when I reach for my iPhone or iPad only to discover that it’s not there and is lost. Then you panic around and think to the deepest core of your brains whether you left it somewhere or you dropped it on the way or someone stole it.

In that moment or scenario, you just wish that you there were some way to find a lost iPhone. Credit goes to Apple and their security protocol that they have such a strong link to track one’s iPhone or any Apple device by their mind-blowing technology. Now How to find a lost iPhone? Just by a feature named Find my iPhone, it also has an application with which you may track your device. The app helps you track your iPhone through broadcasting location via your iCloud account. Having the app doesn’t mean that the feature is enabled but not to worry because it’s not a long process. In fact so easy to enable and setup that if you check out your settings section then you can manage it all by yourself.How to Find / Trace a Lost iPhone, iPad or Mac

If there is a little bit doubt in your mind that you are careless with your belongings then this application, rather a feature is a must.  It is of great value to your iPhone or iPad or Mac because we all do mistakes. You’ll be thinking that if is located through iCloud account then what if the device battery ran out? What do you do then? Well, It’s not a very big problem as the app also tells you the last seen location to when your phone was on and connected.

Steps on How to Find a Lost iPhone, iPad or Mac :

Step 1: Go to privacy >> location services >> System services >> Enable the toggle for Find my iPhone.  This is to allow the feature Find my iPhone to allow the system to give the share and broadcast your device location.

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Step 2:  Create an apple ID or use an existing one and Sign into your iCloud account under iPhone Settings >> iCloud. Now since I did inform you about find my iPhone being integrated by iCloud account so one important thing you need is an iCloud account or Apple id , its the same thing. (as an apple user, I am sure you might be having one) Otherwise, sign up for one with helpful instructions by Apple.

Step 3: You need to Turn on the Find my iPhone feature by just scrolling down to it and switching the toggle to indicate green (active)

To Enable the settings for when your device battery is dead, It should send you its last connected or seen location.

Step 4: With all this done that extra bit of this feature, which tells you last seen, is still not active. So make sure to enable Send Last Location. This means that your iPhone will send location data to Apple just before it runs out of battery. You will find it in the same settings field as Find my iPhone just underneath it. You have to enable the toggle to green to make it active.

Note: All devices, which you want to track, should have your Apple id logged in under the iCloud section to locate them by finding my iPhone.

Your device can be tracked through any device with the use of finding my iPhone application or through the URL :

This is the greatest and most useful feature and hence the most helpful one for anyone who wants to locate their devices over the Internet just by an apple id via iCloud. Hope this article helped you out. Do leave your opinions in the comments.