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How To Hide IP Address In Windows Online ?

Hide IP Address In Windows – IP Address can be simply understood as the special Name for your computer (in numbers). The Name is so special that it is unique for each individual system. The term IP stands for “internet protocol“. Every time you’ll visit any site. The Server will save your IP address in their log files to keep track of many things like Number of their users, Country of their users etc. This information can be important for them. But while performing a personal task (or specifically illegal, pornography etc.), these actions may cost you a lot. Because of the reason that your IP address is being logged, So for the sake of your privacy.Hide IP Address In Windows / Mac

In this article, We gonna talk about How To Hide IP Address In Windows. The Hiding of IP address can be done via following methods. Either you can change your current IP or you can Mask it. It can be understood as the same scenario as that You are telling a false name / identification to an official. So, You are masking your original name with a Fake one. These methods of Masking the IP address is as such easy as telling a lie. Just Follow them with me.

These methods will work for both windows & mac platform. Although, it is not tested on the linux distributions. But, based on the simplicity and working of it. It should work on it also. I’ve tried to keep things as much simpler as I can. So, it would not be that much difficult for you. Let’s have a look at the method itself.

Steps To Hide IP Address In Windows ?

There are many ways to hide your IP Address in windows computers. So in this tutorial, we are going to use Chrome extensions as VPN and show other ways to hide your public IP address while browsing the internet. You can choose your Favourite and suitable chrome VPN Extension From These Top 10 Best Chrome VPN Extensions.

  1. Go to Chrome web store and search for Browsec VPN or you can directly access to this page here.
  2. Now a pop-up screen will come up where you need to add this extension in your chrome browser.Hide IP Address In Windows Online
  3. After that, it will appear on your Top right corner. where you need to click on that Universe Icon.Hide IP Address In Windows
  4. Then you see a small box where you On and off your proxy settings and also switch countries.
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Note: Although, These methods are easily available out there on the web. But in some countries, changing the IP address is an illegal offence. So, you must take care of these things before proceeding with any method. Doing anonymous browsing is what they can’t allow you in that country. So Beware of your actions.

At last, I can hope that you have liked my article about How To Hide IP Address In Windows Online. In case, you have any doubt or query, Please do leave a comment below in the comment field. I’ll try to help you out. Thanks.