How to hire Svelte developers and not go wrong

Svelte developers

Nowadays, many developers are trying to keep themselves up to date with the latest web development software. Recently Svelte developers has taken the world by storm because of the possibilities it can offer. Companies are trying to hire SvelteJS developers because of the additional interface capabilities of this framework. 

Many companies face issues whenever they try to hire Svelte developers. That is because they are not following the right steps. We have compiled an article that is designed to ease the Svelte developer hiring process. Consider going till the end if you are looking to hire Svelte JS developers. 

SvelteJS Developers- Who are they?

Svelte was launched back in 2018, and since then, it has changed the game of front-end development. Many people consider Svetle as the popular front-end development software. And many think that it has more capabilities than other front-end frameworks out there. In 2022, people still think that Svelte is the most satisfactory framework when compared to React, Angular, or Ember.

Despite being considered the best framework, some consider Svelte a little bit bland when talking about its usage. And that poses a question for companies who want to hire Svelte coders. Moreover, Svelte is a rare skillset, so hiring a Svelte developer can cost higher compared to other developers. 

Svelte developers are web developers who are fond of the Svelte framework and have used this as the primary front-end framework. But, since it is new to the market, the developers also have experience in other frameworks. And honestly, Svelte is comparatively easy to learn when compared to other frameworks. 

Skills and roles of Svelte Developers

Whenever you are looking for a Svelte developer, you can expect them to have the necessary skills. But, the question is what kind of skills they should have. In this section, we are going to talk about that. 

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See, Svelte is a component-based framework that works as a compiler. In simple words, the components are built using HTML, so a good Svelte coder will have the knowledge of HTML. Secondly, a good Svelte developer will have good knowledge of CSS. CSS is used to manage the styles, and Svetle developers are all about the styles. 

These are not the only skills a Svelte developer should have. Whenever you are going to hire a Svelte developer, check the following things.

  • Should have knowledge of HTML and CSS (colors, styles, and fonts)
  • Should be able to make interactive elements with the help of Javascript
  • Should have the previous experience in Svelte
  • Knows how to track codes and version control systems
  • Can perform cross border testing and troubleshooting
  • Knows how to perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and WPO (Web performance optimization)

These above-mentioned skills should be present in the portfolio of a good Svelte developer. A good Svelte developer is the same as a regular developer. They both have the same responsibilities, and those responsibilities are:

  • Create user-friendly UI
  • Optimize surfing experience
  • Maintain the website
  • Trouble the bugs and errors

Now that we have established what Svelte developers are and what roles/skills they should have, let’s discuss the steps that are needed whenever you want to hire a Svelte programmer

Steps on how to hire SvelteJS developers

Plan the vision

Decide what your project is and how it will help the users. Don’t worry if you don’t know the technical details of the project. View the project in your head and visualize how it will look. Check on the details of what type of audience you are targeting, what color schemes to choose, and what the fonts will be. Like this, plan out the details and move towards the next step. Visit Here

Means of finding the developers

There are plenty of ways through which you can find Svelte.js developers. For instance, offshore agencies, freelance coders, and regular companies exist. Each of these has its own pros and cons. Check on that and see how it will reflect your project. 

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Start the selection process

This is the most important step, and it should be taken seriously. If you want to hire a good candidate for your project, you need to interview several people. Don’t be scared of that because your project depends on this. One good tip is to set up video call interviews. Consider going for that, rather than looking at CVs.

Onboarding and setting up paperwork

Once you have found a candidate who can create an outstanding website for you, the last step is to bring him/her on board. Remember that a proper onboarding will help your coder blend into the project. Deliver him the key details like workflow management tools, codebase, and more. And then ask him/her to sign the non-compete.


The world is moving towards modernized solutions, allowing users to make the most out of the latest technologies. Svelte is one example of these technologies. It has changed the way we design a website. Since it is new to the game, not many people know about this. In order to hire SvelteJS developers, it is important to know what you are looking for. This blog covers all aspects related to Svelte developers, making it easy for companies to hire one.