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How To Increase Laptop Battery Life ?

Increase Laptop Battery Life – In this era of technology, where you can find a computer or laptop in almost every house. The problems related to these devices are also becoming famous. As Laptop is the portable form of the computer. It gives the independence of traveling and working at the same time. As Laptop is portable, thus it can be used without any external hard wiring. Similarly as the mobile phones.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life
How To Increase Laptop Battery Life

But the battery life of the laptops comes with a limit. But the battery life also depends upon the user and the Softwares that are utilizing the power. The Main thing is the Softwares. And the user awareness about the various things related to a computer. If you are looking for some tips and tricks to enhance the battery life of your laptop, then you are at the right place. Read these kick ass trick to Increase Laptop Battery Life of windows, linux and mac.

In this article, I’ll tell you my basic experience with some laptops and the tricks i’ve used to enhance battery life of the laptops.

Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Life:

There are basically, 3 main factors that I want you to know. So that you can manage your Laptop by yourself, without depending on others. I’m going to discuss each of them One By one in the following section.

  • Based on Operating System :

Operating system is one of the main factor, that affects your battery life. I’ve used almost all kind of OS (operating systems) that are easily available out there. I can broadly divide them into 3 Categories.

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1. Linux

Almost all linux distros has very bad effect on the battery life and other hardware of your laptop. Out of them, Ubuntu is the Least bad Distribution. The battery life of my Laptop reduces to 2 hours from 4 hours, when I simply switched my OS from Windows to ubuntu. The avg. life of a new laptop in Linux is around 2-3 hours.

2. Windows

All distributions / versions of windows after windows Vista are better in performance and hardware compatibility. They simply offer standardize drivers and programs for the maintenance of the system. I’m not saying windows is better than linux, but in the Hardware issues. Windows easily defeat Linux. While on the other hand there is a another winner of the Race. The avg. life of a new laptop in windows is around 4-6 hours.

Note: windows 7 is 10x better than windows 10 of Microsoft. Because of unwanted apps and processes running in the background. And it steals your bandwidth to hold the updates.

3. Mac

Apple is famous for its full compatibility of software and hardware within the system. They specially design their Hardware and software to understand each other. This low level integration of software and hardware makes the whole system so much better that, The average life of a mac book is around 10-15 hours.

  • Based on Software :

Anything you do on your laptop, requires a special program. That helps you in doing your required task. You should choose and manage your software very intelligently in order to get maximum out of your system.

#1.Shut Apps and Processes.

Whenever Possible, try to look at your task manager and shut the unwanted apps and processes that are not required and running unnecessarily in the background. In Linux, There will be no extra application that is running without your call. In mac. There may be some, you can stop them manually. In windows, specially in version 10, you should press Ctrl+shift+Esc to open task manager and kill the unnecessary processes.

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#2.Start Battery Saver Mode.

Not always, but whenever needed. you must switch to the power saver mode. As the OS automatically manages the various low level hardware and software switching. Every time use of this mode, will reduce the quality performance of your system as this mode holds resources to give your laptop few more moments of life.

#3. Adjust Settings.

You must take out some time from the social networking and open settings of your OS. There you;ll find various options of changing brightness, Bluetooth, WiFi etc. You should switch them off of minimum in order to get maximum out of your system.

#4. Multitasking.

The More you’ll use your CPU, the more will be draining of your battery. So, to conserve battery, just close all unnecessary programs / applications which are not being used. Don’t just minimize them. Other wise they’ll continuing using resources of the laptop.

#5. Hibernating

Don’t ever Use this feature in place of shutdown. Never use Sleep, hibernate, Lock etc. options if you are shutting your laptop for more than 5 min. This is because, these options may use less battery and start your laptop in an instance when you require. But this feature comes with a flaw. Your battery life (not battery timing) gets reduced. And you’ll need to buy a new battery soon. So, Keep the habit of shutting down. Because there is a reason, why they have given ‘Shutdown’ option.

  • Based on Hardware :

The hardware is the backbone of the system. Laptop is nothing but a well assembled group of hardware. So, you need to well care of it. Linux and Windows user need to read this section carefully. But mac. users just need to have a overview, because 90% of their headache is solved by Apple.

#1.Unused Devices And Port.

Ports are the opening holes of your system, through which you can connect other devices or connections. You should detect the unused devices and ports and shut them through the OS settings in order to get maximum out of your system. Close bluetooth, wifi, etc. if not in use. this will help you in Increase Laptop Battery Life.

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#2. RAM.

Increasing your system’s RAM will help your laptop a lot. As it reduces unwanted cleaning of RAM when required and thus results in saving a bit of your laptop’s battery. As RAM is an essential part of laptop, keeping it in excess will help your laptop.

#3. Maintenance

At least once in 2 weeks, You must remove your battery from the laptop’s back cover and clean its all contact points. but don;t use any fluid to clean it. As it may corrode the contact points and it will result in reducing your battery life. Clean it with simple cloth.

#4. Overcharging

Last, but not the least. Avoid Overcharging Your laptop’s battery. you should charge it to maximum and use it until 10 % or 7%. i.e. Use full potential of your battery so, its efficiency remains maximum. Stuffing the charged battery from 30 – 40 % level will damage that unused 40% cells in battery as they are not getting used in any cycle.

Note: Do Drain your battery completely once in 2 months, so it can regain its full potential again.

Atlast, I can assume that you’ll like my article. If in doubt, feel free to post a comment below. and I’ll try to fix the problem within 24 hours. Thanks. Please Share this post with friends who facing the battery problem of laptop