How to increase your studying productivity using technology ?

Nowadays we need to update our knowledge all the time because the world is changing quickly. In such a situation it is essential to learn how to learn: memorize the information quickly and for a long time and spend as little effort as possible. We collected five tips on how to turn technology to your advantage and increase the productivity of your studies.

Tip #1. Focus

Our brain is really good at distinguishing between important and unimportant. If the received information did not get your full attention or did not cause a strong emotional response, it goes to the far shelf “not particularly necessary” in some area of your brain and is quickly forgotten. To avoid this, it is worth concentrating on the most significant knowledge and to delegate not very important tasks to others. It can be write my essay service – Essay.Coach or your groupmate, whatever. Fulfill only crucial things. In this situation, you are more likely to memorize what was going on. If you have to work on a long-term subject or project, then use special programs on your phone to keep track of the time spent on work and to make breaks regularly to refresh your perception.

Tip #2. Write summaries

You can throw all the forces into the trial not to forget the necessary information, and nevertheless, some part of the knowledge will inevitably slip away. The more time passes, the less you will play back in memory, and only the brightest and most important moments will remain in your head. But if you make notes, you can always revise them and quickly refresh knowledge. When you record, it’s like a repeat for the second time. There are many available applications for structuring the records, as well as creating mental maps. Try to use them.

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Tip #3. Make a plan

Most pupils and students start to study only just before the exams or tests. Sometimes this is a compelled necessity, but there no need to remind about the effectiveness of the classes. If you wish to really fill sure in the subject, you have to set up a schedule of studies with specific hours and deadlines. When you need to finish the job by a particular date, it can be more challenging to learn the subject and keep in mind everything you need. If you are learning on your own, the plan will help you to start studying with a more serious attitude and will supply you with additional motivation. The plan implies not just thoughts, but their precise wording on paper, and preferably in the phone that they are with you at the right time.

Tip #4. Create the conditions for study

You can prepare for exams in the kitchen, and write a diploma sitting on the balcony, and many see this approach romantic or sacrificial. But in reality, a good working space can vastly increase the productivity of studies. Try to create a place for yourself only. It should be as convenient as possible, all the necessary materials should be kept at hand, and everything superfluous and distracting, on the contrary, should be removed. Try to negotiate with relatives or neighbors so that they do not distract you when you are working, or use earplugs or tight headphones with background music. A favorite playlist can add energy and mood to learn.

Tip #5. Determine the best channel for obtaining the information

There are several ways to obtain the information. Someone remembers more efficiently, listening to the lecturer, someone reading the texts on the topic. We usually do not choose the method of obtaining knowledge; it is our feature that we need to discover. If it is easier for you to perceive information visually, you can record a lecture, thereby translating it into a text format. If you are better at listening, discuss the article with friends or find an audio version of the book. If you are a kinesthetic learner, it is preferable to watch the video on the topic and complete the tasks. Also, is useful to discuss the issue with a group of other people. Fortunately, modern technologies offer many ways to keep in touch.

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