How to Permanently Delete a Skype Account ?

Are you tired of your Skype account? And, you are looking for a way to permanently delete your Skype account? Are you afraid of losing your contact information via skype? And you want to delete your account permanently with all the information related to you. then, my dear Friend, You are really blessed Because Today I am going to talk about how you can delete a skype account permanently from the online database.

We will talk about how you can remove all the basic and important information from their database. Let’s have a look at the simple steps to permanently delete a skype account.

Permanently Delete a Skype Account
Permanently Delete a Skype Account

Step on How to Permanently Delete a Skype Account ?

Before deleting skype account permanently, you must know why you should delete your Skype Account in the first place. Because without knowing the proper reasons your actions are not well. So, I Have tried to give some reasons why you should delete your skype account permanently. And, then I Have explained how you can permanently delete a skype account in brief and easy to understand steps. Let’s have a look at them individually.

Why Delete Skype Account?

Everyone’s reason for deleting a skype account may be different. but, in today’s technological world where every platform is providing you with video chatting Ability Skype is getting outdated. And also people feel that their information is not secure with the skype database service so they may find a way to misuse their personal information. So most of the Skype Users are trying to remove their skype details/account permanently.

How to Permanently Delete a Skype Account?

The following steps will help you in permanently deleting your Skype account. I have tried to keep everything as simple as I can.  But, in order to be successful with this method, you must know/ remember your skype credentials i.e. your username and password for your Skype account. Let’s have a look at the steps one by one.

  1.  First of all, go to This link, and log in with your Microsoft account in the open page.
  2.  In case you have your phone number/email attached to your Skype account then you may need to fill the OTP that you will receive.
  3.  Most of the time this email / OTP will get saved into the  Spam folder. So, don’t forget to check the spam folder OTP number.
  4.  After verifying the OTP number, you will be redirected to Ready to close the page.
  5.  Now simply agrees to all the terms and condition and tick all the checkboxes close your account.

    How to Permanently Delete a Skype Account?
    How to Permanently Delete a Skype Account?
  6.  Boom! Your account is successfully deleted from the Skype database.

From the Editor’s Desk

So, this is the way to permanently delete skype account. If you have any doubt or any query about any stuff regarding in this article then you can leave a comment below and I Will be very happy to help you out with your query in the comments will be low thanks for your time and faith. I hope you won’t need another skype account in future.

If you do then you know the steps and you know where you can find this the steps to delete that account also. So, I Will see you in the next article with more information related to technology around the world.

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