How To Play Pokemon GO in India ?

How To Play Pokemon GO
How To Play Pokemon GO

How To Play Pokemon GO Hi, Everyone You definitely heard the viral game related to your childhood Pokemon and It’s now available to play on our android smartphones and Apple iOS Devices. So If You are new to play Pokemon GO so here is some basis you need to know about it. Firstly it released in the United States and then covering countries soon.

But In, India Pokemon go is not yet available but you can Download Pokemon GO APK File from here. To Run a Pokemon go game you need a good internet connection like 3G to use accurate GPS. This game has some rare features that people going crazy about it that you need to walk in different places to catch different Pokemon. It works on Augmented reality (AR) to prove a real user experience but you can also off it.How To Play Pokemon GO

One more Important thing about Pokemon Go that the Balls that you have only 50 Pokeball so through accurately to catch Pokemon. Pokemon you catch that is listed on your Pokemon tab and you can also check your Pokedex to see which Pokemon you caught. Popular places nearby are assumed as poke stops and you have the nearby tab on your right bottom which shows you which Pokemon are close to you and how far it is? Like if they show two steps it means Pokemon is just around you. This game is not played without the internet connection and without moving.

Things You Must Know Before Playing Pokemon GO:

  • Internet Connection is Must.
  • Beware of your surroundings.
  • Don’t Waste your Pokeballs.
  • Keep your Battery Full and Use Battery Saver Apps. ( Kick Ass Trick to Save your Battery Life )
  • Keep Your Eye on surrounding Green Leafs. If you see green leaf it means Pokemon is hidden.
  • Try to Catch Rare Pokemon that have high CP.
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How to Play Pokemon Go in India?

  1. Guys, In Indian Google play Store you can’t able to get Pokemon GO So, Download it from here.
  2. and install that APK on your phone and on your GPS and use internet connection.
  3. Then just walk and catch different Pokemon around you.
  4. After Level 5 You can do battle and all stuff and also found some rare Pokemon too.