How to Prepare for a Moving Day

How to Prepare for a Moving Day

How to Prepare for a Moving Day

The truth is, while moving out can be exhilarating, the activities involved in redeeming the outlooks of your house can be overwhelming. Without proper planning, you’re deemed to fail and may not be able to regain your initial deposit from your landlord if you were renting a house.

Lucky for you, we’ve detailed a cheat sheet with plenty of moving day tips to help keep your mind at ease. Follow this moving guide to know what to clean, what to consign to the bin, and how to save money when moving.If you need cleaning service when moving out, you can ask Eloise’s Cleaning Services for help.

Declutter the Items You Don’t Need

Decluttering items you don’t need will help you save both time and money. These items include old toys, rugged clothes, papers, and other collectibles.

Take a notebook and separate these items into three main categories: items to throw away, items to donate, and items to sell. You could also consider color-coding the categories with stickers or just making designated piles in a spare room.

Keep Valuables

While it’s unfortunately common to misplace valuables during a move, this isn’t what you want. Items such as birth certificates, jewelry, medication or land titles are important and difficult to replace. So, they should enter your moving-out pack first. Consider packing a special box or suitcase with important items you want to take extra good care of during your move.

Start Packing Earlier

One of the critical packing tips for moving is to start packing earlier. Two to three weeks before you move is a perfect time to begin. An early start guarantees the peace of mind to synthesize your moving-out plan. It lets you avoid jumbling up items that you need with items you don’t.

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Keep the Old Home Meticulous

Check for damages and repair them if you can. Then proceed to clean areas like the bathroom, bedroom, and dining — if necessary, hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you. Don’t forget your outdoor patio and the garage.

If the home will be under scrutiny from your landlord’s inspection team, be sure to touch every inspector’s scope. That includes polishing the countertops, cabinets, and faucets. The lighting system is one of the few things the team will consider at a glance. Be sure to keep them functional.

Logistics are Key

Ask for help from friends and close relatives to cut costs. But, if you have loads of items to move out, you may need different services such as trash removal, technicians, or removalists.

Allocate time for each service provider so that they don’t conflict with one another. You can do this by scheduling different times when making bookings. Ensure they arrive at different times and explain to each the moving out tips they need to consider. This way, you’ll be confident about the team handling your items with care.  

Recycle as Much as You Can

Recycling is a perfect way to manage wastes that you can’t sell or donate. For example, you can use magazines as wraps for fragile goods. Doing this will help save you money that you could otherwise use to buy cartons or packages that’ll add to the already existing junk. Additionally, you can use the boxes as stores for kids’ toys or files.

How to Prepare for a Moving Day at a Glance

Moving out shouldn’t be daunting if you plan well and consider the moving tips detailed in this cheat sheet. Don’t let your busy schedule at work scare you into believing you don’t have any time to prepare for your move. ou can begin the whole ordeal months from the actual day. If you are moving to a new city such as Nashville, make sure you are ready in terms of budget. You need to check the average rent in Nashville so you’ll have an idea on how much apartment units in the area cost.

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The best part is that you can rely on same-day professional movers if you get caught with the clock’s hands. Good luck!