How to prepare general knowledge for competitive exams: tips for students


Along with the English language, reasoning, quantitative, and qualitative analysis, the general knowledge section is also asked in the competitive exams. Among the preparation of all other exam topics, students neglect general awareness which affects their scores. Let us discuss some effective tips which students can follow to prepare for general knowledge to score well in the competitive exams. 

Why is preparation for general knowledge important?  

  • Time-saving 

General knowledge questions don’t have any calculations and applications to solve. Students don’t have to solve any numerical questions. Therefore, the gk section in exams helps students to attempt the paper quickly. By knowing the right answers, you can quickly mark them without any pen and paper calculation. This section is one of the most time-saving ones when prepared properly. 

  • Improves English comprehension skills. 

In most of the competitive exams, we have an English language section too. When a student prepares for general knowledge, he or she visits online websites, reads articles, blogs, and online news. Students get family with new vocabulary and words. The new words, phrases, synonyms, and idioms improve the English skills of the students. This helps them to score well in the English comprehension section as well. 

  • Overall scores are improved 

If you have prepared well for language,  qualitative, and quantitative analysis and didn’t focus well on general knowledge skills, your scores will be affected and you won’t be able to clear the competitive exams. With general awareness, overall scores are surely improved. 

  • Makes mind sharp 

By knowing all about the general events, happenings and memorizing them, the knowledge of the students is improved. Their brain efficiency is enhanced and their mind becomes sharper. 

Prepare general knowledge for competitive exams: tips to follow 

  • Read newspapers every day 

To enhance their general knowledge and understanding, students must read newspapers every day. It is one of the most effective tools for improving general knowledge skills. By reading the newspaper every day, students get to know all about national and international happenings, daily news, inventions, political updates, etc. 

  • Use technology
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Only using textbooks and guides for general knowledge can be less interesting for students. But the visual aids can be used for better understanding and memorizing of gk questions. The best way is to use a mobile teacher app.  It is very easy to use and with a few clicks and taps only, you can access a lot of general knowledge material for yourself. These online applications upload quizzes and puzzles as well. You can solve these quizzes to instantly check your knowledge and can learn the questions which were attempted wrong. Along with this, current affairs and regular worksheets can also be accessed for daily revisions and learning. 

  • Join a crash course 

There are many educational centers that help students in competitive exams preparation by conducting crash courses. These courses are of short duration, maximum of one to two months, and during this period, they teach the important exam topics and tricks to the aspirants. By joining these courses students can enhance their general awareness too. Such coachings and educational centers, use a learning management system to provide students with multiple resources for effective exam preparation and managing classes. They provide you with current affairs, special exercises for solving, and mock papers too. Regular tests are also conducted which enhances the general knowledge of the learners. 

  • Read news online 

Sometimes, students don’t get the time to watch the news on television. But phones and the internet are regularly used by students. For effectively preparing for general knowledge skills, students can read news online as well. On the internet, regular news, articles, and the latest blogs are published regarding general issues and events. This will help students to stay updated with current general awareness. 

  • Brush up your memory skills 

General knowledge is more of memorizing. Along with reading, and understanding, students have to memorize a lot too. For this purpose good memorization skills and sharp brainpower is essential. Students must learn in smaller portions every day. This will improve their long-term memory skills. Regular revisions and recalling of information can help students to remember better. Along with it, students must eat highly nutritious food that helps in boosting brain power. Proteins, vitamins, and dry nuts can help. Meditation should also be done by students every day to improve their concentration and memory power.

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By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the importance of good general knowledge skills. We also discussed the tips which students can follow to prepare for general knowledge for scoring well in competitive exams.