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How To Prevent Your Vehicle from Being Stolen 

A car thief will look for the most attractive and accessible vehicle they can break into. The faster they can steal your car, the better it is for them. The key to preventing your vehicle from being stolen is to slow them down and make your car undesirable. The following article will give tips on how to avoid this terrible occurrence from happening.

The Type of People Who Steal Cars

There are usually three kinds of car thieves interested in breaking in and stealing your car: professional thieves, joy riders, and carjackers. 

Professional thieves lead in stealing vehicles. They love grabbing high-end vehicles and sometimes favorite and popular brands because the parts can be switched out easily. Often, your stolen car will end up in a “chop shop” setting where they break your car down and sell off individual parts. Some professionals will steal and send the cars to countries where certain vehicles are in demand. 

Joyriders often target luxury or high-performance vehicles to steal. Your car is often recovered when they are done with having fun with it, but it has usually endured significant damage, which can be extremely expensive to repair.

Carjackers like to perform a “bump and rob” technique to steal your car. While you are driving, they will come up behind you and bump into the rear bumper of your vehicle. They will steal your car when you get out to assess the damage done. If you feel uneasy, drive to a crowded area and call the police for further help. 

Anti-theft Apparatus 

Anything acting as a deterrent will irritate a would-be criminal, especially a car thief because they rely on speed to fulfill the job. Steering wheel locks make the wheel unable to turn, one more thing a car thief will not want to deal with. Nowadays, people are placing a wireless key fob in a Faraday pouch or box because it will obstruct the signal, meaning it can’t be stolen. You can find these anti-theft devices online or in stores. 

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Park Smart

Protecting your vehicle starts with parking your vehicle effectively. It’s best to park in a bright and well-lit area. Criminals don’t want to be seen; instead, they work under the cover of darkness. If you own two cars and park them in a driveway, block the more expensive one with the less valuable vehicle. If you have access to a garage, park your vehicle inside, locking all the doors. Having a camera or motion lighting that covers the area where you park your cars is an even better impediment.


Many people utilize an immobilizer for their vehicle to avoid being a victim of car theft. It’s an electronic security mechanism that only starts the engine with the proper key. This will make a car much more complicated to steal because the thieves won’t be able to go past the ignition and hot wire the car. 

Err on the Side of Caution 

This means always being vigilant about locking your car doors and windows. You don’t want to make your car an easy pick. This pertains to sunroofs as well. It seems obvious, but don’t keep valuables or personal information inside your vehicle. Try not to store your car keys by the front door of your home either. People have had countless vehicles stolen this way. 

GPS Tracker 

A tracking device might not stop a thief from taking your car, but it might slow down a criminal since it can be used to find and retrieve your car. A signal is usually sent to a monitoring service or the police if your car has been stolen. 

The Crux of the Issue

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who have had their vehicle stolen, you will be on the market for a new one. When you shop at a car dealership for a new vehicle, it’s always important to read the Buyers Guide, which can be found on the car’s side window. This form lists what systems of a particular vehicle are covered under warranty and the duration of the coverage. Auto dealerships can purchase Buyers Guides and other car dealer supplies from MBR Marketing at: https://mbrmarketing.com/dealer-supplies/sales-forms/ftc-buyers-guides-and-holders.

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Having your car stolen means a lot of stress and headaches shortly. You will have to deal with the insurance claims, which will most likely bring about more expensive premiums. To sidestep this hassle, being proactive about preventing your car from being stolen is what you need to be doing. Some anti-burglary devices used on your car can sometimes be used for lower insurance premiums. Check that option out with your insurance provider. Some people go all out and have cameras inside their cars, lowering the chance of your vehicle being stolen. Again, car thieves don’t want to be seen, especially by surveillance equipment.

Car thieves want the easiest and quickest way to drive off in your vehicle. The longer it takes to do that, the less likely they will take your car and instead look at someone else’s vehicle that might not be as impenetrable as yours. Creating hurdles and barriers is the best way to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Apply the steps learned and show eager and enterprising car thieves that your vehicle is not the one today, tomorrow, or in the future.