How to Secure Your WiFi Network ?

Here Guys, Here We Show the new Way that How to Secure your WiFi Network ? in Easy Way. There are many Ways to Secure your Wifi like WPA Security, WEP etc. But Here you see the Latest Method that How to Secure your WiFi Network ?

How to Secure Your Wi Fi Network ? 2015. Free Wifi Tips and Tricks to Secure your WiFi Network
How to Secure Your WiFi Network ?

You already know that we are here to teach You How to Secure your WiFi Network ?. There are many Tutorial over internet But here we Found some Amazing way to Secure your Wi-Fi Network that only You can Offer WiFi Access to Some Specific Devices. Now that Time all Over World Wi-Fi is widely Used by  Homes, Public Places, School and Colleges So Security is also a main Concern. Most of People use Password Encryption like WPA, WEP method to Secure his Wi-Fi Network. But Sometimes it can also Breach by some Genius Computer Wiz.  So, thats Why use some extra wifi settings to Protect your wifi network by Unauthorized people to access your wifi Connection.

This Method can Apply on Mostly all types of Modems and DSL Routers Like Airtel, Binatone, D-Link, Netgear, TP-Link and Belkin. Popular Modems are always come with MAC Filtering Facility So Don’t Worry about it.

How to Secure your WiFi Network connection ?

1.) Download this Small utility named as “Wireless Net Watcher” to See Who is Connected with Your WiFi Router. In this Tool you can see the MAC of the Network Device.

How to Secure your WiFi Network ? 2015

2.) Now Open Your WiFi Modem Admin Page where you see all the Wi-Fi Modem settings like How to Change your Wi-Fi Password, name and range.

3.) Go To Interface Setup >> Wireless. Now you see the Below Settings where you Enter the MAC Address of that Devices that you want to connected with your Wi-Fi Network Connection.

How to Secure Your Wifi Network Connection ? 2015

4.) Click on Save to Enable the MAC Address Filtering. With the Help of this Method Every Time when someone wants to connect with your Wi-Fi they Got Error. Only the Specifies Devices is Access your Wi-fi Network Connection.

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