How to Speed Up USB Transfer Rate in Windows 7/10 ?

How to Speed Up USB Transfer Rate in Windows ?
How to Speed Up USB Transfer Rate in Windows ?

Speed Up USB Transfer Rate in Windows 7/10 – We use USB, Pen Drives, Flash Storage and Memory Cards to Transfer Data between your Computer and Vice Versa. We Move Large Files between them and Now with the Latest Technology Data Transfer Rate of USB Pen Drives is also Increased. But There are Many of Users Who Still Use USB 2.0 that is Bit Slower than Latest one. Guys, Don’t Worry you can now use Fast Data Transfer Rate with USB 2.0 Support. Many of people searching on google about

Many of people searching on google about “How to increase USB transfer speed in windows 7” and “How to speed up copying files to USB in windows 7” this kind of keyword and they find same methods of to boost copying speed of USB. So In this article, We will compile almost all types of possible way to boost USB transfer speed in windows 7, windows8 and windows 10 too.

Whatsever is your operatind system like Windows XP, windows 10 or Windows 7 You can apply these tips on almost all types of windows to boost your USB Copying speed. Just follow one by one methods to make some changes and then see results. If you have any other method to boost USB copying speed so please let us know in comments.

How to Speed Up USB Transfer Rate in Windows ?

Guys, Now Today we Come up with a Cool Trick that Increases Your USB Flash Drive Transfer Speed. Sometimes We need to Transfer a Large Files through USB Pen Drive But It takes so Much Time to Copy Files to USB Flash Drive. It takes Hours and sometimes shows Days in Copy Dialog Box. Now Here we have Trick to Boost Up Your USB Flash Drives Transfer Rate. You Need to Follow a Basic Steps Given Below.

Steps To Boost Your USB Flash Drive Transfer Rate:

  1. Plugin Your USB Pen Drive / Flash Drive. Open My Computer locates your Flash Drive.
  2. Right, Click on Flash Drive Click on Format Option.
  3. On the Next Screen, Formatting Dialog Box will Open Where You need to Set File System as ‘NTFS’ and Set Allocation Unit Size ‘Default Allocation Size’ and Uncheck the ‘Quick Format’.How to Speed Up USB Transfer Rate in Windows ?
  4. Now Click on ‘Start Button’  and Then OK.
  5. Wait for a Minute It can Format your USB Flash Drive, Don’t Turn Off your Computer and Unplug your Flash Drive.
  6. After Formatting your Pen Drive it Show the Confirmation Dialog Box Select Ok and Close the Format Dialog Box.
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NOTE: By Using This Way you can Speed Up your USB Transfer Rate. In Default, all USB, Flash Drives, Memory Cards use FAT, FAT32 File System So, You only need to Change it into ‘NTFS’ that is the Windows File System Extension. It Improves you Data Transfer Between your Computer and USB Flash drives.

Additional Steps to Speed Up USB Transfer Rate:

You can also Increase your Overall Performance of your USB transfer Rate by ‘Remove Device Policy’. It is very Simple Task that works on any Computer and any USB Flash Storage that Support P2P Data Transfer. It can Provide you Better than your Previous State of Pen Drive.

  1. Go to My Computer, Locate your USB Storage and Then Right Click Select ‘Properties’.
  2. Now you see various Tabs on the Top of Property Windows. Choose ‘Hardware’.Speed Up USB Transfer Rate in Windows XP, Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  3. in Hardware Tab you see the Drives Attached to this Computer, Select your USB Drive and Click on ‘Properties Button’.
  4. New Window Will open, Where you need to Select ‘Better Performance’ from Remove Policy.Speed Up USB Transfer Rate in Windows 10 2015
  5. Click ok to Finish and Enjoy High-Speed Data Transfer Between any Computer and USB Pen Drive.

Copy Single File at a Time:

This is very simple tips in general use while you copy files in Windows 7/8/8.1 or Windows 10. Keep in mind that while copying If you copy another file at the same time so it will divide your copying speed and you both files are copying slow as usually So In this case copy one file at a time to easily copy other files at sam speed.

Many of people don’t care about it but sometimes it helps a lot you see when you copy the big file that copies fast as when you copy many files at a time So it takes more times as usual. So I recommend to that copy single file at a time to save your precious time.

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Don’t Use your Front USB Port of CPU:

If you are desktop users So this one id the best tip to speed up your USB copying speed cause many of desktop users use their front port of CPU. In this case, whatever your operating system is such as Windows 10, Windows 7 or windows 8.1 the USB speed is low until you use the back port of USB cause these are the main USB port.

Don't Use your Front USB Port of CPU:Front USB port are just for normal use like USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, and all So Guys when copying any files from USB or into USB must use back port of your CPU and If you are using external hard drive so same tips apply as USB. When you try to copy using backport of USB you notice that it can copy your files so fast rather than a front port. Front USB Ports are not powerful because they are just connected with small wires who can’t handle data loads. So this types definitely help you to copy files at high speed.

Upgrade USB 2.0 to USB 3.0:

I know this sounds funny but USB 2.0 is kind of old now for new technology. If you have serious work on to copy large files and transfer into hard disk drives or external drive so you definitely need to upgrade your USB 2.0 into 3.0. It can offer you almost 10x speed than USB 2.0 so you can copy files faster between your computer and USB pen drive, External Hard disk and all other USB 3.0 devices.

Now, these days all latest laptops and computers have USB 3.0 but if you are not upgraded yet So, you need to use USB 3.0 and copy files faster.

Close Background services while Copying files:

I noticed many of Windows users that when they copy files from USB into computers or into USB they just minimize the copying process and start other software, open files and do another kind of heavy things that use more RAM or memory of your computers and cause reduce your USB copy speed in windows 7. So When you copy anything from USB that you want to copy fast So, keep your background services shut and notice your USB speed automatically up and files are copied fast as usually time.

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Many of people have slow USB copying speed because of this problem that they keep open another big program and other windows tools. Please just once try this speed up tricks you will see the amazing change in USB copying speed.

From Editor’s Desk:

Guys, We all use USB, Pen Drives and Other Flash Storage for Data Transfer between out Computer So When we need to transfer Large Files it takes a Long time for Data Transfer. Don’t Worry We can Solve your Problem in this Article.

Just Follow up these Basic Steps to Boost your Data Transfer Rate of USB Pen Drive. It can Give you the Better Performance than Previous State of your Pen Drive. Then you can Send Large Size Files Between your Computer or any P2P  Storage like USB, Flash Drive, and Memory Card also.