How To Track Your SEO Team’s Performance

SEO Team's Performance

seoWhen you have a website, you must focus on search engine optimization to secure a higher ranking and get more traffic. – Team’s Performance

It is always best to have a dedicated SEO team who will handle all those SEO-related things for you. But only having a team working towards SEO is not going to help you get the best results. You need to track the results and their performance. 

As per the performance data, you will be able to evaluate how your SEO strategies are performing and whether any changes are needed or not. 

Track Your SEO Team’s Performance

If you are thinking about tracking your SEO team’s performance, you need to consider some basic metrics that will also tell you the strategies you have implemented and whether they are working or not. 

Now, we will have a detailed discussion about those metrics. 

  • Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is basically all about the number of visitors who come to your website only from organic search results. When you are considering SEO, it is one of the most crucial metrics that you should consider. 

In case you are working with Google Analytics, you will be able to track the daily searches in your website traffic easily. There are also a number of tools available to check the organic traffic of your website. You can download those tools for free from The Pirate Bay

  • Search Rankings

We all know that the higher the ranking of your website for more relevant keywords, the better your SEO will be. Search rankings are crucial as it directly correlates with your SEO success. 

Once you have secured a higher search position, you will be able to reach other objectives, like leads, traffic, and conversions. You must prioritize tracking your raking for the right keywords. This way, you will be able to track your SEO team’s efficiency. 

  • Search Visibility

Search engine Visibility tells how often your domain is shown in the search engine results for the right keyword. By tracking your visibility, you will be able to experience the positive movement even before your website has started attracting visitors. 

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This particular score can be the key driver, particularly for all your team’s SEO-based activity. In case you are willing to keep a track of the early results of your site optimization, the search engine visibility score is extremely useful. 

  • Links

For content marketers and SEO experts, links should always be one of their first and foremost priorities of SEO metrics. As per the latest Google algorithms, backlinks are a really crucial factor behind the search engine ranking. 

It means that the more links you will earn, the better the chances are of securing and the higher ranking on the SERP. That doesn’t mean you will go with low-quality links; it will not only negatively impact your website authority but also hurt your website rankings. 

  • Organic CTR

CTR or click-through-rate is a performance metric that measures the ratio of clicks on your link to the total number of users who have viewed the search result. To keep it simple, we also can say that high CTR is similar to high traffic. 

In case your search snippets do not look appealing to the users, even though you are ranking higher on the rankings, it will not be able to help you attract more visitors. It means that for search engine ranking signals, CTR is also vital. 

  • Bounce Rate

This particular metric measures the percentage of visitors who are bouncing from your website without taking any action. Your bounce rate affects your search engine ranking as well. On the basis of the industry, your bounce rate should be somewhere between 40% to 60%. 

In case the bounce rate is too high, it means your web page does not have the relevant information that your visitors are searching for. Thus, you need to monitor the bounce rate of your website and try various approaches to check what can actually help. 

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Final Tips

Along with considering the above-mentioned factors, you need to focus on some additional metrics as well. They are; 

  • Average session duration of visitors on your website. 
  • Branded traffic. 
  • ROI or return on investment.

These will ensure whether your SEO strategies are going in the right direction or your SEO team needs to change the strategies and look for newer approaches.