Wix Video Upload: How to Upload a Video to a Wix Website ?

You may have any number of reasons for uploading one or more videos to your Wix website. It may be a promotional video explaining your products or an informative video that demonstrates how your products or services are used. If you have a blog, it may simply be a video you have had captured using your mobile device or camera. You may have a video selling website and it could mean you have to continuously upload videos on a regular basis. Whatever the purpose, the Website Builder makes it easy for anyone to add videos to their website.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can upload a video to your Wix site.

1. Open a Wix Account

You will have to create a website using Wix before you could upload videos. The process begins with signing up for an account, which is free.

How to Upload a Video to a Wix Website
How to Upload a Video to a Wix Website

The process involves:

  • Clicking on the sign-up option on Wix.com
  • Enter your email address and choose a password that you will be using to logging into the website
  • Click on sign-up and the process will get completed

2. Set up Your Wix Website

This is the interesting part. A complete guide on building a website with Wix has been already provided. Follow the step by step guide to create a professional website with ease.

3. How to add a Video from YouTube to Wix?

There are so many ways that you upload a video to your Wix site. One of the easiest ways is to add Video directly from YouTube.

How to Upload a Video to a Wix Website
How to Upload a Video to a Wix Website

This method involves using the Social Video Player

  • Click on the ‘add’ option on the left of the Wix Editor
  • Click on ‘video’ option
  • Click on the YouTube video
  • Click on ‘change video’
  • Search for the video or add the YouTube video’s URL
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4. How to add Wix Video app?

How to Upload a Video to a Wix Website
How to Upload a Video to a Wix Website

Once you add Wix Video app to your website, it becomes much simpler to upload videos to your site. This app provides you with all the tools required for:

  • Displaying
  • Promoting
  • Selling

Videos on your Wix website.

It allows direct uploading of videos or addition from websites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. There are many features that further simplify the management of videos for your website. You can organize your videos to create channels. This app also allows changing the layout. There are also options for charging a fee on visitors for viewing your videos.

The steps involved for adding Wix Video app are as following:

  • Click on ‘add apps’ from the editor
  • Type ‘Wix video’ into the search box
  • Take the mouse over the app and click on the option – ‘add to site’

You can also add the Wix Video Player to your website. The steps involved are simply and quick:

  • Click on ‘add’ from within the editor
  • Scroll down to look for ‘video’
  • Click on ‘Wix Video’

5. When should I use Wix Video?

There are so many reasons why you may want to use Wix Video. This app offers so many benefits and you can use it for your specific needs, such as:

Showing your Videos

This app provides you all the tools required for showcasing your videos on your Wix site. Create video channels and showcase them. Whether you are in the field of education, advertising, or any other industry, reaching out to your target audience with your videos can make a huge difference.

The app allows you to organize your videos in a professional manner. You can determine the layout and design and what you want to do with the videos.

Sell Videos

Another benefit of using Wix Video is that it allows you to sell your videos and generate revenues. You can allow your viewers to:

  • Watch
  • Buy
  • Share
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Your videos on your website.

Offer Subscriptions

Imagine being able to offer subscriptions to your videos and generating revenues from it. Wix Video can even help set up subscriptions. Allow your viewers to watch your channels and charge them on a monthly basis. What makes this app even more unique is that you will not be paying any commission to Wix. You can also live stream YouTube and social media videos directly on your website. You may also sync your feed on YouTube so that all the videos there get updated on your website. The app also provides detailed reports to help you keep track of your videos’ performance.

6. Is Wix video free?

Wix Video is free to use. You can add it to your website for free and start uploading videos. There are limitations on the length of videos that can be uploaded. So if you want to upload longer videos, you will have to upgrade your account.

So uploading a video on your Wix website is easy and quick. Follow the above-mentioned steps to add videos from different sources. Whether you want to create a website focused on offering videos or add videos to support your business, this guide should be helpful to you.