How to Watch NetFlix together from the Remote Distance?

Are you wanted to watch Netflix series, shows, and movies from any place simply? Then read this article properly. So if your friend or relative is from other country and you want to watch Netflix together with them so this article will help you to do that. After reading this article properly you will be able to watch Netflix together from any distance, no matter you are far from them or near them. So let’s see “How you can watch Netflix together from the remote distance”.

How to Watch NetFlix together from the Remote Distance
How to Watch NetFlix together from the Remote Distance

Netflix is one of the very popular online sources to watch movies, TV series and a lot more things. Everyone is loved to watch movies or TV shows in their daily life. And on Netflix, they can watch every new movies and series on it. Because Netflix is one of the best streaming websites who provide you with almost every movie and TV shows. Netflix also gives you the option of using the app version of this website which means you can watch movies and TV shows on your smartphones.

Steps on How to watch Netflix together from the Remote Distance

Most of us are really want to watch any movie or TV shows with our friends or love once but it’s not possible to besides each other every time. There are so many friends who live in other city and some couples who live in a long distance relationship. So if you are one of them and you really want to watch a new movie together with your friend but you can’t able to do because your friend lives in another city so be relax we’ll guide you how you can be watch movie together.

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So after so many researches, we have found up a very easy process for you. With this method, anyone can make a connection with their friend within a minute and this method is also very easy to do. Here is the method which will help you to watch Netflix movies and TV series together from a remote distance online. Read this information properly and I hope you’ll love this method and you found this method helpful too. So let’s see how it works.

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#1: Watch Netflix together on the computer

#1: If you love to watch the movie on the computer and you also want to watch Netflix together from the computer then simple install “Netflix Party Extension” on your chrome browser. If you don’t have a chrome browser on your computer then install it first because this extension is available on chrome browser only.

#2: Once you install this “Netflix Party Extension” on your chrome browser then simply go to Netflix website and play the movie or TV show which you want to watch together.

#3: Now, click on the “Netflix Party” icon and copy the link from there and share with your friend.

After sharing the link, the same Movie or TV show will start streaming on your friend’s computer. Now, both the device will be connected properly with each other. If you or your friend will pause or forward the video, the same action will be run on other person’s device as well. So now enjoy the same Movie or TV show on both the devices at the same time.

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#2: Watch Netflix together on Android and IOS

This method is also quite simple and similar to the above. If you are android users then go to your play store and IOS users go to the App Store.

#1: Now, simply install “Rave” application on your device. Make sure this application have installed on both the device.

#2: Once you installed this application on both the smartphones, lunch the app on both the device.

#3: Now, you can either create your own rave and the second person will join you or you can join the rave which your friend will create.

#4: when both devices will be connected through rave, you will see lots of option like YouTube, Reddit, Netflix, Vimeo, Dropbox and more. You may simply click on Netflix and log in to your Netflix account.

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#5: Now, Search for the movie or TV show which you want to watch together and play the video. When the video will starts streaming pause the video immediately. Because you need to share the link of the video with your friend.

#6: For sharing, click on the “Share” option which you will see at the bottom of the screen.

#7: Once you click on the share option some list of options will appear on the screen which asks you to choose the option to share the link via WhatsApp or any other options.

#8: Now, your friend needs to click on the link and open on the “Rave” app (Your friend have also needed to log in to their Netflix account). After login and credentials are verified, you both can enjoy the same streams on both the devices.

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