Top 4 Hulk Unblocked Games That Must Be Tried | 2017

Top 4 Hulk Unblocked Games That Must Be Tried
Top 4 Hulk Unblocked Games That Must Be Tried
Top 4 Hulk Unblocked Games That Must Be Tried
Top 4 Hulk Unblocked Games That Must Be Tried

Hulk may be a monster or a superhero, depending on what you think about it, but it is a magnificent character that has a huge role in games. Now, you can play flash games related to this superhero (in this case he will be a superhero). All of the games, mentioned below are available at games unblocked.

Top 4 Hulk Unblocked Games That Must Be Tried:

They are free to play and they don’t require any special requirements. In essence, all you need is an internet connection and a flash player. In addition, Chrome already has a built-in flash player, so you don’t have to download nor install it.

  1. Hulk Escape

Hulk Escape is the first game here. It is one of the first and the most original games we have ever found. The best thing is the simplicity. This game demands of you a high level of focus and fast-reacting, but it is simple and it is fun to play. The main goal is to navigate Hulk to escape from a city that has been controlled by the army. Sadly the army doesn’t believe he is a superhero. On your voyage, you will crush buses, cars and all things that are smaller than you. On the other side, you must avoid certain threats, such as rockets.

  1. Hulk Dressup

Of all games related to Hulk, this one has to be the funniest. It is a simple game, obviously, but it has some interesting features. The first one is the level of customization. You can change the clothes, the colour of the skin, jewellery and a lot more. It is fun because it is the first game ever developed that features dressing up Hulk. The best part is the print feature. Maybe is sounds interesting, but it is simply astonishing. Just click on it, and the game will print the picture of your Hulk. If you want to share it on Facebook, you have this ability as well.

  1. Hulk Power

If you want to have a great fun and to improve your response time, this is a game for you. It features Hulk, who must break certain items, placed in front of him. On the right part of the screen, you will see a counter. The main point of it is the power Hulk uses. In essence, the higher the number, the more power he will use. At the beginning, the numbers will change slowly, but eventually, they will become so fast that you must have a perfect response time. Also, in higher levels, items that should be smashed will be harder as well.

  1. Hulk Stunts

How many times you want to mix a superhero and your favourite type of vehicle. If you like ATV vehicles, this is the game for you. The main goal is to navigate and control Hulk while he is completing weird and difficult stages. You must balance him and use a proper amount of throttle. Lets not forget about the stars and points you must collect.

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