Idea to launch a Smartphone worth Rs. 2500 to take Over Reliance Jio’s Phone !

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Despite the astonishing campaigns undertaken and the services provided by ‘Reliance Jio’ to the public, other telco service providers are desperately trying to retain their position in the market.

‘Idea cellular’, soon to launch a Smart Phone priced Rs.2500, is all set to compete with the Jio phone. But being slightly expensive than the Jio phone, would ‘Idea’ be able to grab a higher market share?

Besides the fact that Jio is offering a completely free phone, the point to be noticed is that it isn’t fulfilling the most basic requirement of a Smart Phone user – The internet.

Himanshu Kapania, the managing director of Idea Cellular Ltd. has announced the following until now-

Idea to launch its own Rs 2,500 Smartphone to Beat JIO Smartphones

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Unlike the Jio Phone, this Smart Phone would have the mentioned features that are likely to satisfy the customers to a greater extent:

  • The phone will include a touchscreen over four-inches.
  • Android OS will run on it.
  • Users get the freedom of choice, by choosing any operator sim they’d like to use on the phone.
  • Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google will exist on the Phone.

The above-mentioned bullets can also be considered as the reason because of which this handset is priced a little higher than Jio phone. Irrespective of the above, the offer provided by Jio to its customers is really appealing – Unlimited voice calls and data with prices starting as low as Rs.153. Jio is like ‘Outrun that, and the league’s yours’.

“We are looking at how much features can be brought down, how much bill of material can be brought down and test consumer response in each of these” Kapania said. This might eventually bring down the final price of the product.

However, Kapania has made it clear to the public that Rs.2500 is the fixed price for now, and the phone would not be subsidized. The manufacturing of the Idea Smart Phone is likely to begin soon and will be launched within 3-4 months starting now. The exact launch date has not been announced yet and everyone is curious to acknowledge any further announcements made by the lad. No images of the Idea Smart Phone have been ascertained yet. The idea is probably going to setup the pre-booking system just like Jio that will allow users to book their phones online.

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