Importance of Air Duct Cleaning Service

air duct cleaning service
Caucasian male removing a square pleated dirty air filter with both hands from a ceiling air duct. Guy taking out an unclean air filter from a home ceiling air vent.

The main purpose of an air duct cleaning service is to remove contaminants from your HVAC system. This system is frequently exposed to dust and other airborne particles. This requires the use of high-powered industrial vacuums and other cleaning equipment. Your servicer may recommend a chemical treatment with biocides or send samples to a lab for analysis. Depending on the type of contamination, they may even recommend replacing sections of the HVAC system or sending the entire unit in for replacement.

Improves indoor air quality

Having your home’s air duct system cleaned and maintained can improve the quality of the air in your home. When this is done correctly, you can expect your air filter to last for longer and trap more pollutants. Poor ventilation traps these particles and re-circulates them five to seven times throughout the day. Poor ventilation also traps dust, pollen, and other contaminants, which are then transported back into the air through your ducts.

Your air ducts are often dirty, which is why having them cleaned is essential. A professional company will use tools such as vacuums, blowers, and brushes to properly clean your air ducts. They can also clean your home’s air handler, motors, coils, fans, and registers. By cleaning your air ducts, you can be assured that your home will remain healthy and free of pollutants.

Reduces allergies

One of the top reasons people hire air duct cleaning service is to reduce the number of allergens in their home. The number of indoor air pollutants is two to five times higher than that in the outside world, which is concerning in the modern world, where we spend more than 90% of our time indoors. Studies also suggest that one out of six people have some sort of allergy related issue because of the air duct system bacteria.

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The HVAC system blows air through dirty ductwork, allowing dust and other contaminants to accumulate. The resulting air contains a host of pollutants, including mold spores, dust, and bacteria. Allergies are caused by the toxins in the air, and air duct cleaning can help. By improving indoor air quality, it can reduce the number of symptoms related to allergies and asthma. In addition, the service improves energy efficiency.

Reduces lingering odors

Air ducts can contain a number of odors, making it necessary to regularly clean them to ensure your air quality is as clean as possible. Dirty ducts can circulate unpleasant odors throughout your home, making it difficult to breathe. These odors can also come from mold, tobacco use, or household cleaning agents. Air duct cleaning can help you eliminate these smells and enjoy the benefits that come with clean, fresh air throughout your home.

Having pets is a common cause of odors throughout the house. Pet dander and fur can accumulate in the ducts, disseminating their scent throughout the house. Odors from pet urine are especially offensive, since the scent can cling to dust and grime, causing the odor to remain in your home for years. Fortunately, a professional air duct cleaning Blue Springs MO service will be able to eliminate these unpleasant odors.

Saves energy

Did you know that your heating and cooling system consumes 30% of your energy? That’s the equivalent of most people’s monthly income! And the buildup of dust and debris in your air ducts causes your system to work much harder, thereby using more energy. Having your air ducts cleaned will increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, saving you money in the long run! In addition to improving your home’s energy efficiency, air duct cleaning will also make it more comfortable for you and your family, while lowering your utility bills.

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You can also lower your electric bill by as much as 7% by hiring an air duct cleaning service. The amount will depend on the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, as well as the amount of energy you’re currently consuming. But even a small monthly savings will add up over the years. You might even notice a significant difference after just one cleaning. Moreover, the benefits don’t stop there! In fact, many homeowners are even able to save as much as $200 over a five-year period.