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Important features to watch out for in slots

There was once a time when slot machine features included simple Hi-Lo games or a hold option. However, modern slots feature several features that have made the game more engaging and popular among punters across the globe. As a result, this article is written to introduce some of the essential features of modern slots.

Slot features

Slots are characterized by several features. Some of these are explained as follows:


Return-To-Player describes the percentage of the amount of money wagered that a player is expected to receive as winnings over a large number of spins. It is closely related to a player’s winning chance. For example, an RTP of 97% returns $97 to a gambler for every $100 staked. A slot machine is programmed in a way that regardless of the loss, small wins, large payouts, it must return that said percentage on average. The higher the RTP, the less the risk (or volatility) and the greater the odds of winning.

Free Spins

These are tools that casino operators, alongside software providers, employ to attract the interest of gamblers to their games and platform. These bonuses make it possible for players to wager without the risks of losing their money. However, they provide a chance to win real money. This makes them an appealing option for most gamblers regardless of their experience level.


This provides specific fundamental information about the features of a slot. These could be the scatter, free spins, wild, multiplier, or other features. Getting yourself acquainted with the way this works for a specific game will enhance your gameplay 


These features are abundant in Ainsworth slots. They are capable of raising your wins by a preset amount. When you land special symbols with multipliers, this will aid your winning chances. While they are quite prevalent, not every pokie has them. Visit NetBet casino website to see games that offer this feature in abundance.

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This is another unit that your funds can also be converted into while playing slots on the internet. Some online casinos offer “fake” credits and these can be used to play games for fun to help players acquaint themselves with the game.


This refers to the vertical positions on the grid on which all the symbols are present. Whenever the spin button is clicked, these reels start to spin. The number of reels varies among slot machines.


These are the highest payouts that are won in a casino game or contest. Usually, they comprise a huge sum of money generated by the accumulation of several unwon prizes. The grand prize a game offers varies from one machine to the other. However, it is an exciting appeal for many gamblers. 


Scatters are bonus features that pay out wherever they are collected on the reels. They don’t have to form a part of a payline of consecutive matching symbols. When you land 3 or more of a kind – for most slots – you trigger the bonus round where you are rewarded with free spins, depending on how many scatters you land.

Gamble Feature

This is a common feature in an online slot. Once you achieve a winning spin, you are presented with the option of playing ‘double-or-nothing’ on your cash. If you press the ‘Gamble’ button you will usually be required to play a Hi-Lo game or select whether the next card that is drawn is red or black. If your selection is accurate, your win is doubled.

Wild Symbol

These are classic icons that you’ll find in thousands of modern online slots. They are capable of substituting all symbols bar the scatter (for most slots) to create a paying combination. If they are a lot on the reels, they can be profitable. Wilds usually come with appealing jackpots attached if you collect five of a kind on a payline. Examples of wilds include sticky, stacked, expanding, and wandering wilds.

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Slots are interesting to try out. However, being acquainted with the right features will enhance your chances of winning.