How to Improve your Blogging Skills ? [6 Kick-Ass Tips]

Accepting the fact that blogging is not easy as it seems like, people give up really quick what they started as a passion for writing & reaching out to masses. Now, the thing that bothers the bloggers in their beginning phase is that they don’t get the expected traffic, their blog not showing on search results & no response from the readers. Launching a blog & running a blog are two different yet related notions; anyone can start a blog but then running it, making it reach people makes all the difference. And how to do just that, we have compiled a few tricks & tips from the top bloggers that you must follow to improve your blogging rather than giving up the idea of blogging altogether! Read on to find out:

Focusing on titles is critical since it is the first thing that grabs the attention of the readers. Try to include few keywords telling the readers what the post is about, what it offers them. Incorporating keywords always pays off & it is the heart of SEO; it helps Google to understand what the page is all about & show it accordingly in the search engine. You can check out few of the free & paid keywords research tools; we recommend SEMrush & you can read a detailed SEMrush review here.

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If you take a look at the successful blogs, you will find a schedule on their blog which they follow religiously for publishing their posts. Irrespective of the length of the content, make a habit of posting content on your blog weekly, twice a week or more to keep on receiving traffic; Google gives priority to those websites with fresh content & regular activity.

  • Transfer to self-hosted space

This might come as a surprise but is necessary if you are serious about blogging. Moving to self-hosted space will provide you more control over your blog while being more professional & committed to it. WordPress is the best choice available for self-hosted option currently in the market. It is free, open-source platform, reliable, easy to use & recommended by many users. If you want to look at a few of the theme or plugin options, check here!

  • Promote your blog

Many bloggers forget the importance social media has on everyone’s life & they forget to share the content on social platforms. And those who do, don’t share as much as they ought to. Develop a calendar of sharing the links on different platforms, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr on the day of publishing; twitter on the next day & Facebook the next week & so on. Use excerpts from the content to attract the attention of the readers. Also, make an archive timeline; this will help you with interlinking of your blog & also to share few of the past posts with less readership.

  • Include media

Pictures, videos, infographics or animation have a visual appeal that boosts traffic & readership. Given the fact, you can’t just take any image from Google due to copyright issues, but you can always show your photography skills or can hire a photographer, or you can design few, or you can get a premium plan of any stock pictures site.

  • Improve your blog’s usability

This tip should have been the first; nonetheless, you cannot ignore the importance of it! Nothing repels your readers as much as a cluttered or complicated blog can, so indulge in a clutter-free, easy to navigate & beautiful design for your blog. Include a list of your most popular posts highlighted at a position visible to the visitors, provide accessible social sharing buttons & if you are using AdSense to generate revenues, don’t bombard the readers with clickable links or ads; this will put them off your blog. Also, include a newsletter or subscription link to your blog, it helps both ways; to improve traffic to your blog & the readers to get back to your blog whenever you post anything new.

  • Create a contact page

This is a foreshadowing step but an important one; when you blog starts getting popular, readers would want to get in touch with you. So, creating a contact page will come handy wherein you can provide the basic details of you. Also, you can include an About Me page, as it is the most frequently visited page of the blog. It should be well thought of & professional giving a subtle hint of your personality.

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Now, these are few tips that every blogger should know. Then there is guest posting, conducting surveys on your blog, affiliate marketing & much more. However, the tips provided here are the ones you must start checking off your list to become a regular blogger without any thought of giving up; at least for a while!

What would you suggest to improve at blogging, comment below!